Laser Spine Labels for Use with Sirsi's Unicorn/Workflows

The original Word macro on which these are based was written by Melissa Shephard, Huntsville Public Library. It has been heavily modified by Joel Hahn, Niles Public Library District.

Choose your label arrangement. (Note: The height & width of each label can always be altered, but changing the number of labels in a row or column requires changing the underlying macro) The numbers indicate number of labels across, then down, as you view the printed text.

3x10 plus vertical gutters



6x14 plus vertical gutters



8x8 plus vertical gutters

Installation Instructions

  1. Download & unzip the file above that best meets your needs. (Note that, as long as the number of labels per row & column is the same, you can change the dimensions of the labels all you want and the macro will still work.)
  2. Find your file and rename it (If you're using Win2K or WinXP, this is probably in your individual user directory.)
  3. Copy the file from the zip file to the same directory as your old file and rename it
  4. Copy the file to the same directory.
  5. Change your Finished Reports wizard to view reports in MS Word.
  6. When you view a report, if it's not a Print Spine Labels report, click Cancel; otherwise, follow the on-screen instructions and click OK.
  7. Wait a minute or two for the macro to process your labels.

Upgrading these templates to Word 2007

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