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News.newusers.questions is moderated, which means that all messages to the group pass through a review process before being posted. Currently, moderation is performed primarily by software, though some messages are forwarded to human moderators for review or rejection.

The charter, which defines what is on-topic for this group and the Moderation Board's powers, is posted to this group once per week. A copy can be found at the news.newusers.questions Administrative Site,

Moderation Status

The moderation software is currently appending a seven-line footer to all posted messages.

The moderation software is currently returning the following kinds of messages to their senders, without posting them:

The moderation software is currently forwarding the following types of messages to human moderators for review. There may be a delay of up to 24 hours before they are either posted or returned to their senders.

The moderation software (or a human moderator) is currently discarding the following type of messages, without attempting to return them to their sender. Returns would simply "bounce" because of faked sender addresses; or worse, they would be delivered to innocent people whose addresses happen to match a faked sender address.

The "Watch List"

The Watch List is a list of e-mail addresses, postings from which are automatically forwarded to a member of the Moderation Board for inspection.

An address which is the source of several inappropriate messages may be placed on the Watch List by any member of the Moderation Board, who must also notify the rest of the moderation board, and normally attempt to notify the person at that address.

Postings from a particular address on the Watch List must be reviewed by a different moderator from the one who placed the address on the Watch List.

At the discretion of the moderator who wishes to place the address on the Watch List, one of the following options may be used for attempting to notify the person at the Watch-Listed address:

A person will normally be removed from the Watch List by a majority vote of the Moderation Board, either when that person has posted appropriately to the newsgroup for some period of time, or when he/she has not posted at all for an extended period.

Rejection and Appeals

The moderation software tries to return any rejected message to the sender via email. The email includes the reason for the rejection and the address, where the rejection can be appealed. The current appeals address is nnq-adm at

Some rejection notices "bounce" because of invalid e-mail addresses. One of the moderators examines these bounces and tries to fix bad addresses and re-send those rejection notices.

If you think your message might have been rejected, but you didn't get a rejection notice, please check to make sure your email address and reply-to address are correct. You can do so by sending an email message to yourself and trying to reply to it.

The first 200 lines of all articles rejected in the last two weeks are archived for public inspection. You can find this archive at the news.newusers.questions Administrative Site,

Moderator Contacts

Send mail (other than appeals) related to the moderation of the group to nnq-adm at

The board which controls the moderation of this group is made up of:

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