Miscellaneous Lines

[1] = Randy Gardner originally pledged Fall 1970 as David Potter's little brother but then depledged; he repledged Fall 1971 as William Patterson's little brother.
[2] = No little brothers; line ends
[3] = No little brothers; line ends
[A] = Robert Beicke is also listed as Guy Langvardt's little brother (see Oberla line); which is correct is unknown.
[B] = John Sedore was supposedly James Kursch's little brother, but they both pledged Spring 1964, which would appear to make that an impossibility. [C] = Phil Hahn and Rob Resch pledged during the same semester, and both remember being Paul Truebenbach's little brothers. Since that is not usually allowed, and neither remembered any extenuating circumstances it is remotely possible that one of them may be mistaken.