101 Inns You Should Probably Stay Away From...

Compiled & edited by Joel Hahn

Written by: Joel Hahn, Zimri, Jessen Yip, Etan Lord Moonstar, John W. Mangrum, Larry Mead, Daniel Quattrone, PJS, Bullethead, Aleph, Zax, Debihuman, Timothy Coyle, Lucius Chiaraviglio, Jarlwolf, James Robinson, Wildwood, The Delraich Mage, Leonardh, Gebhard Blucher, Sheitan, Tim Kutz, RGray26249, Weston Griffiths, Engel Nobbe, and BillyB

Sometimes, an inn is probably better passed by and quickly forgotten, regardless of how much you need to rest or how far it is to the next inn--for if you DO enter, you just know your characters are in for a rough time. Some of these inns can be determined just from the name alone...

1. Procrustes' Rooms For Rent

2. The Otyugh's Lair

3. At Least the Mead is Warm...

4. Notell Motel

5. Bates Motel

6. We Hate Mages

7. The Lucky Louse

8. Keep Out

9. The Amityville House o' Fun

10. Zhentil Keep

11. Bob's House of Toast

12. The Speling Flayme

13. The Tortured Adventurer

14. The Angry Munchkin

15. The Angry DM

16. The Unfortunate Stain

17. Encounter 5A

18. The Lich's Foot

19. International House of Flumphs

20. The Tomb

21. Lost Taverns of Tsojcanth

22. Puke and Go

23. Tequila Wyrm

24. The Inn Definitely Not Run by Doppelgangers

25. Green Slime-O-Rama

26. Rot Grub Pudding Restaurant

27. The Illusionary Floor Inn (a.k.a. "The Dew Drop Inn")

28. The Bowels of Vecna

29. Castration Palace

30. The Undead Eatery

31. The Grassy Gnoll

32. The Gassy Gnoll

33. The Inn Where You can Get Into Lots of Fights, and Maybe Even Get
    Started on an Adventure or Two

34. Cheers: Where Eveybody Knows Yer Moniker.

35. The Inn of Last Resorts

36. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

37. The Tavern of Elemental Evil

38. Undermountain II

39. The Paranoid Bartender

40. The House of the Blue Balls

41. Strahd Slept Here

42. Hastur, Hastur, Hast__  (a.k.a. "Innsmouth Inn")

43. The Golden Arches

44. The Secret Meeting Place

45. The Puking Palace

46. The Abyssal Gate

47. Bar-B-Aatezu and Grill

48. House of Pain

49. Red-shirts' Inn

50. Heartbreak Hotel

51. International House of Long Pork

52. Ye Olde Saving Throw

53. Microsoft(R) Inn98(R)

54. Werebeer

55. The Open Grave

56. The Scarlet Neighborhood Tap & Grill

57. Socrates' Bar & Pub

58. Inn of Horrors

59. The Tavern With a Man Shrouded In Darkness In the Back Corner

60. Hey, We Don't Like Your Kind In This Here Inn

61. Kill the Adventurers Inn

62. Inn on the Borderlands

63. Still Smoking Inn

64. Ground To A Paste Tavern

65. Hell's Kitchen

66. Acererak's Saloon

67. House of Strahd

68. Ye Olde Flophouse

69. Beshaba's Kiss

70. The Rose of Dorakaa

71. Inn Iuz We Trust

72. The Uncursed Inn

73. The Gaping Maw (big red doorway, completely dark inside...)

74. The Angry Wizards' Soda Fountain

75. The Slaughtered Lamb

76. The Thieves' Den

77. Pressgang Hostelry

78. Caveat Emptor

79. Parasite Palace

80. Hotel California

81. Kobold's Delight

82. The Closing Coffin (particularly in Ravenloft)

83. Blue Oyster Bar

84. The Scape Goat

85. The Random Encounter

86. Run For the Border

87. Elminster's Harem (gives new meaning to "The Chosen of Mystra"...)

88. The Tower of High Sorcery

89. Menzoberranz-Inn

90. The Gelded Ranger

91. Snack of the Archlich

92. The Cute Fluffy Bunny Inn

93. The Plague

94. The Towering Tavern O' Terror

95. The Retching Slattern

96. The Save or Die Inn

97. Ye Olde Plot Device

98. The Crazed Cannibal ("serving all kinds of people for over 10 years")

99. The Inn of a Thousand Whirling Sledgehammers

100. Inn of the Damned

101. Chateau d'Amberville