ANGELIC ORDERS
		For use with AD&D2 Specialty Priests
                 Copyright 1994, 1997 Joel A. Hahn

  For many years, I have been annoyed with the amount of bad press AD&D gets
about being a "satanic" game, and for apparent good reason: a quick persual
of the 1st edition Monster Manual reveals all sorts of Devils and Demons, and
Dieties & Demigods/Legends & Lore contains hordes of pagan gods.  For all of
TSR's attempts to base part of their game on medieval Christianity (see PHB1
and PHB2, under the descriptions of 'real-world' priests), it seems that the
only part of Christianity that was included was the evil.  No wonder the
knee-jerk reaction to AD&D is that it is "satanic."
  Second Edition has rectified this situation somewhat, as the "devils"
"demons" have 'disappeared' from the game (NOT!), and several of the
"optional" rule sets, namely the green campaign books, give specific rules
for playing Christian priests.  However, in my opinion, these are either
completely impotent in game terms ("historically-oriented campaign") or pales
in comparison to other pantheon's priesthoods in game terms ("fantasy-
oriented campaign").  There is essentially only one type of priest, so
everyone has the same duties, spheres, granted powers, etc.  Bland and
  I decided to diversify the idea of a Christian priest, and bring the class
up to a level with the specialty priests most gamers are used to playing,
thus making it as desirable a character choice as, say, playing a priest of
Odin.  What came out of this are the "Angelic Orders," a Christian version
of a pantheon, loosely based on the Roman Catholic idea of different
religious Orders, with different outlooks on life (i.e., the Benedictines,
Dominicans, and Franciscans).  Not wanting to presume to speak for real-life
orders, I created my own, which look to the Archangels for their outlook on

  Archangels are one of the nine types of angels in Heaven.  The number of
Archangels is usually given as 7, although other special numbers, such as 4
or 12 are given, as well as the term "legion."  In any case, only seven have
priestly orders named after them.  Each has its own area of specialty and set
of duties.  (Angels have no specific gender, as they are simultaneously
male, female, and non-gendered; thus the use of "it" here.)
  These archangels are NOT directly worshipped (for that would go against the
First Commandment), but function something like colored lenses on a lantern,
with God as the light source; each throws its own color, but the light
remains unchanged otherwise.  Priests pray directly to God, but emulate their
patron archangel.  Also, while some clerics believe that their version is
the only correct way of worshipping, most clerics agree that all of the
orders can peacefully co-exist, as the colors in a rainbow.

  For the purposes of game management, (and to avoid potentially heretical
areas), several caveats have been made.  Archangels do not have avatars, as
they are usually invisible and completely unreachable by mortals.  In times
of dire need or great importance, they may send an angel or a messenger to
the aid of the faithful.  In game terms, archangels are Solar Aasimon,
angels are Planetar Aasimon, and messengers are Deva Aasimon; all of them
reside on various levels of Mount Celestia, regardless of alignment.
  Certain spells are not available to priests of any level, with special
exceptions; these banned spells are Reincarnation, Raise dead, and
Resurrection.  One priesthood has Raise dead as a granted power, and all of
them can cast Resurrection in extreme circumstances only--and even then only
by the grace of the DM.  Other spells may be deemed 'uncastable' at the DM's
  Some rituals may require priests of different orders acting in concert.
This almost always involves a Michaeline, a Gabrielite, a Raphaelite, and
an Urellian; their priesthoods respectively represent Fire, Water, Air,
and Earth, and thus must sometimes be included for completeness.

  These are options for which each DM must make decisions appropriate to the
campaign and players at hand.  The defaults for a typical fantasy world are
as follows.

* Priests of these orders can be of either gender, but most are male.
* Priests may marry and have children, but many, if not most, choose not to.
  This is especially true of itinerant priests; they are not about to settle
  down, and the dangers of life on the road are generally considered too much
  to expose a spouse and children to.
* Priests are generally tolerant of magic-users.
* Priests are generally tolerant of priests and followers of non-Christian
  religions of Good alignment; though if given the opportunity, they will
  usually try to convert such people.  They are less tolerant towards
  religions of Neutral alignment, but still not usually militant about it.
* Priests generally believe in the rightness of a "just war;" if a war is
  considered just, they will be willing to join in, but if it is considered
  unjust, they will try to work against it or even possibly work for the
  other side.

  Everything following is according to 2nd edition, in Legends & Lore/
Monstrous Mythology format.  "*" designates minor access to a given sphere.
Unless stated otherwise, the frequency of all granted powers is 1/day.
Bracketted spheres are from the Tome of Magic.

The Order of St. Michael (Michaelines)
  "Who is like God?"

  The archangel Michael is the protector of the people of God and also the
military leader of the heavenly hosts.  Michael assists the Church's armies
in their struggles against the heathen, successfully debated with Satan for
the possession of the body of Moses, and is the one who will defeat the
dragon of Satan in the Apocalypse.  Michael is the epitome of a warrior, and
is set over the people of God and is in charge of keeping chaos in its place.
Michael appears in dazzling plate mail, and armed with a spear or a shield
and sword.
  Statistics: AL LG; WAL any non-evil, non-chaotic; AoC the faithful, fire,
war, protection; SY red cross.  Colors: red, silver(white), gold(yellow).

Duties of the Priesthood:
  Michaelines are the Guardians of the Faithful.  They protect pilgrims and
actively fight against evil, wherever it rears its ugly head.  They are also
always at the front of a battle line, forming the right flank.  Michael's
feast day is September 29, and all Michaelines must attend a special worship
service on that day.  If they cannot make it to one of their order's centers
of worship, two or more will congregate in a private rendition of the service
unless physically prevented from doing so, in which case the priest undergoes
a crisis of faith.
  Requirements: AB Str 13, Wis 13; AL LG; WP long sword (1st), spear or lance
(2nd), otherwise any; AR any; SP All, Combat, Elemental[Fire], Guardian*,
Protection, Summoning*, [Travelers*], [War]; PW 1) Are automatically fully
multi-class cleric/fighters regardless of race or stat's, and have unlimited
advancement in both classes, 5) Protection from Evil, 10' radius 1/day, 9)
Enchant a weapon to +2 to hit and damage for 1 round/3 levels; TU Y.

The Order of St. Gabriel (Gabrielites)
  "Man of God"
  The archangel Gabriel was the holy messenger sent to Daniel to explain
certain visions, and also announced the coming births of John the Baptist and
Jesus Christ.  Gabriel stands in the Divine presence, and carries messages to
and from Earth.  Gabriel is also in charge of the celestial bureaucracy of
Heaven and all the rest of the angels.  Gabriel is the archangel who will
blow the trumpet which signals the arrival of Judgement Day.  Gabriel appears
richly robed with wings of shimmering colors.
  Statistics: AL LG; WAL LG, LN; AoC heralds, law, messengers, rulers,
visions, water; SY straight (herald's) trumpet.  Colors: blue, gold(yellow).

Duties of the Priesthood:
  Gabrielites serve as advisors to rulers, as messengers, and as town judges. 
Gabriel's feast day is March 24, and all Gabrielites must attend a special
service on that day.  If they cannot make it to one of their order's centers
of worship, they will gather in groups of two or more and perform a private
rendition of the service unless physically prevented from doing so, in which
case the priest undergoes a crisis of faith.
  Requirements: AB Int 9, Wis 13; AL LG, LN; WP mace; AR any non-metal; SP
All, Charm, Combat*, Divination*, Elemental[Water], [Law], Protection*,
Summoning*; PW 1) Know Direction, 4) Detect Lie (no save), 9) Commune 1/week,
14) Divine Inspiration 1/month; TU Y.

The Order of St. Raphael (Raphaelites)
  "God heals/God is fearsome"
  The archangel Raphael is set over the spirits of men, and is commanded to
heal the earth, which the fallen angels have defiled.  Raphael is in charge
of healing the diseases and wounds of all people, and in charge of taking
vengeance upon the fallen angels and their agents.  Raphael, in human
disguise, helped Tobias free his betrothed from Asmodeus, and showed Tobias
how to cure his father's blindness.  Raphael also taught Enoch about Sheol
and the tree of wisdom, and bound the demon Azazel in a dark pit until
Judgement Day.  Raphael is a leader of countless angels, and leads them to
punish the followers of Satan by destruction in the valley of fire.  Raphael
appears as a kind traveller.
  Statistics:  AL LG; WAL any good; AoC healing, air, travellers/safe
journeys, combatting evil; SY fish & pilgrim's staff, crossed in an 'x.'
Colors: green, gold(yellow).

Duties of the Priesthood:
  Raphaelites are the healers of the world.  They run hospitals and will take
in anyone who comes to them, regardless of religious/political/racial
differences.  They will protect these hospitals and the people therein to the
death.  They also protect pilgrims on their journeys and combat evil whenever
they can find it.
  Requirements: AB Wis 13; AL any good; WP quarterstaff (1st), any
non-bladed; AR chain or less; SP All, Divination*, Elemental[Air], Guardian,
Healing, Necromantic*, Protection, [Travelers*]; PW 1) All spells from the
healing sphere are cast as if they were 1 level lower than normal (i.e. Cure
Serious Wounds becomes a 3rd level spell), 4) Immune to all normal diseases,
8) Lay on hands for 1 point/level, 12) Restoration; TU Y.

Hospitallers:  The Raphaelites have a non-clerical militant branch called the
Order of the Hospital, or Hospitallers.  They protect the hospitals and
travelling pilgrims.  Hospitallers are always in the front of a battle line,
on the left flank.
  Requirements: AB Str 12, Wis 11; AL any good; WP any; AR any; Bonus
Proficiencies: healing, one free weapon specialization; SY maltese cross. 
Colors: white(silver), black.

The Order of St. Uriel (Urellians)
  "Light of God"
  The archangel Uriel is in charge of the world and fire.  Uriel also has
some dominion over the Lower Planes, chiefly Gehenna and Carceri, and is
tasked with preventing evil from spreading.  (One result of this is that
Urellians who find themselves on one of the Lower planes function as if they
were one level lower for each plane between Mount Celestia and the plane in
question as usual, but only up to a maximum of four effective levels lost
for Gehenna and Carceri and five for the other lower planes.)  Uriel brings
light to the people of the world, and is occasionally known as the "Regent
of the Sun."  Uriel's name is also invoked on amulets which ward off evil;
these are especially popular (though somewhat rare) among planar travelers
about to quest into one of the Lower Planes.  Uriel appears in yellow robes
with a sword in the right hand and flames in the left.
  Statistics: AL LG; WAL any non-evil; AoC light earth, fire, protection; SY
flaming sword.  Colors: gold(yellow), red, black.

Duties of the Priesthood:
  Urellians keep evil in its place and are also granted some control over
bringing light into the world.
  Requirements:  AB std; AL any good; WP hammer; AR chain or less; SP All,
Combat* Elemental[Earth], Elemental[Fire]*, Protection, Sun, [Wards*]; PW 1)
light, 1/day, 5) protection from evil, 10' radius, 1/day, 11) permanently
enchant an amulet with protection from evil; TU Y.

The Order of St. Azrael (Azraelites)
  "Help of God"
  Azrael is the archangel who parts the soul from the body at death, and the
therefore otherwise known as the "angel of death."  Azrael is often (unjustly)
viewed in a harsh light, due to the association with death.  Azrael appears in
black robes with black wings.  The sight of Azrael's wings are a sign of
approaching death.
  Statistics:  AL LG; WAL any non-evil; AoC death; SY skull. Color: black.

Duties of the Priesthood:
  Azraelites emphasize the good points of death, namely that it is the great
equalizer, and that death allows the righteous to go to heaven.  Undead are
an abomination to them, creatures whose souls have been stolen from Azrael's
grasp by the powers of evil.  Azraelites always attend funerals and burials,
and are often called when someone is near death, to help them on their way.
However, Azraelites have a similar reputation to that of undertakers, and are
often viewed as omens of approaching death.
  Requirements: AB Con 9; AL any non-evil; WP sickle, quarterstaff; AR none;
SP All, Charm*, Divination*, Guardian*, Healing*, Necromantic, Protection;
PW 1) +2 to saving throws vs. death magic, also protection from evil, 1/day,
3) Detect Undead (as the wizard spell), 1/day, 5) Protection from Evil, 10'
radius, 1/day, 12) Raise Dead, 1/month (casting time of 1 turn; can only
affect those who have died "before their time," as adjucated by the DM); TU
at +2 levels.

The Order of St. Jeremiel (Remielians)
  "May God have compassion"
  Jeremiel is the archangel in charge of the souls of those who rise from the
dead to life in heaven, the archangel who proceeds over true visions, and the
archangel who answers the questions raised by the righteous dead.
  Statistics: AL LG; WAL any non-evil; AoC knowledge, souls, visions; SY
scroll.  Colors: Brown, white(silver).

Duties of the Priesthood:
  Remielians are known all over as the foremost scholars and sages.  They are
always looking to learn more, be it through books, first-hand experience, or
visions, especially in their major and minor fields of interest.  Remielians
are always on the lookout for new acquisitions for their Grand Library, as
they must donate one book per year.  They also are usually on hand at
funerals and burials.
  Upon reaching 5th level, they may, through their training, pick one field
of major interest and one of minor interest from the Sage list in the DMG
(p. 107; revised ed. p. 145), or a topic which the player and the DM
mutually agree upon; these are their chosen disciplines--they will
henceforth know more about these areas than others and will actively seek to
learn more in these fields.  (Fields of interest are added as NWP's; checks
for Major fields are Wis -8, +1 per 2 levels, Minor fields are Wis -10,
+1 per 3 levels)
  Requirements: AB Int 12, Wis 15; AL any non-evil; WP quarterstaff; AR none;
SP All, Divination, Guardian, Necromantic, Protection, [Thought*], [Time*];
PW 1) Gain 1 additional language (Ancient or Modern) per 2 levels gained,
3) Augury, 7) Divination, 10) Commune 1/week, 15) Astral Transport to the
Order's Grand Library, 1/month (consciousness can interact with the materials there,
there but not the people.  The body stays where it is; the silver cord
created by this cannot be broken, but the body may still be killed);
TU at -1 level.

The Order of St. Zadkiel (Zadkielines)
  "Righteousness of God"
  Zadkiel is the archangel who prevented Abraham from sacrificing his son,
Isaac, and the archangel who is often credited with leading the Israelites
out of Egypt.  Through Zadkiel pass grace, goodness, mercy, piety, and
munificence; and this archangel bestows clemency, benevolence, and justice on
all.  Zadkiel is shown in shining white robes, holding a branch with three
white lilies.
  Statistics: AL LG; WAL any good; AoC benevolence, goodness, mercy; SY white
lily.  Colors: silver(white), gold(yellow).

Duties of the Priesthood:
  Zadkielines pray for intercession when evil things happen.  If help is not
soon in appearing, they provide it personally.  However, as priests of mercy,
they must always give quarter, whether it is asked for or not.  They often
appear as advisors to benevolent rulers, and are equally often found as
itinerant priests, aiding all whom they find.
  Requirements: AB Cha 13; AL any good; WP quarterstaff; AR none; SP All,
Creation*, Healing, Guardian*, Protection, [Sun*], [Travelers*], [Wards];
PW 1) Soothing Word (remove fear & influence hostile reactions) 1/day;
TU at -4 levels, treat all "D" results as "T."
Q & A:

A. What source material did you use? (rjchapma@acs.ucalgary.ca)

Here is a mostly-complete bibliography (unfortunately, I didn't always write
down the book I was working out of, so a couple of minor influences have to
go unlisted):

 1. _The_Apocrypha_and_Pseudepigrapha_of_the_Old_Testament_, published by
 Oxford, Clarendon Press (1964).  
     -Prime source; certain books are quite heavy on the angelology, and
     the footnotes by the translator/editor were a wondrous help.

 2. _Deryni_Magic_, by Katherine Kurtz.
     -provided some material on religious orders in a fictional, fantasy

 3. _Encyclopaedia_Britannica_, 14th ed., 1972 printing.
     -gobs of fun stuff, if you know where to look

 4. _Angels:_God's_Secret_Agents_, by Billy Graham.
     -more info than I knew what to do with--almost a must-read for anyone
     using a Christian lean in their game

 5. _World_Book_Encyclopedia_, 1980 ed.

 6. _Facts_On_File_Encyclopedia_of_World_Mythology_and_Legend_, by Anthony S.
 Mercante, copyright 1988.
     -*EXCELLENT* resource book! I *HIGHLY* recommend it for use with
     *any* religion or for ideas for new monsters!!

 7. _Dictionary_of_Mythology_Folklore_and_Symbols_, by Gertrude Jones,
 copyright 1962.
     -almost as good as Facts on File, but harder to find; also harder to

 8. _A_Guide_to_the_Gods:_An_Essential_Guide_to_World_Mythology_, by Richard
 Carlyon, copyright 1981.

 9. _Gesenius'_Hebrew_and_Chaldee_Lexicon_to_the_Old_Testament_Scriptures_,
 translated by Samuel Prideaux Tregelles, copyright 1967 (originally
 printed 1847).

 10. _A_Dictionary_of_Angels:_Including_the_Fallen_Angels_, by Gustav
 Davisdon, copyright 1967.
     -read after the fact to verify information; a good book, it would
     have made my life easier if I'd had it before I did all the relevant
     research myself.

 11. _Planescape_Campaign_Setting_ (Box set), TSR, copyright 1994.

B. Why don't they have avatars?  At least Michael and Gabriel appeared to
people.  (rjchapma@acs.ucalgary.ca)  Also, the number of tales of lesser
angels sent as messengers, etc. are legion.  What about them?

They do not have avatars, because they are not dieties, but rather
planar beings.  They can only exist in one form in one place at one time.
Basically, treat archangels as beings that cannot be harmed by mortals in
any way, and can do pretty much anything they want to (kind of like the
definition of Intermediate God in _Legends & Lore_).  However, if you need
tangible stats, I suggest using the Aasimon (Solars, Planetars, and Devas)
from MC8, Outer Planes Appendix or MC: Planescape Appendix I; you may
wish to bump up the powers of whichever type you choose to use in order to
get stats for the archangels.

C. Where did Jeremiel and Zadkiel come from? (dks@scpub.duke.edu)

Here's a partial list of angelic references in the Bible/Apocrapha (Michael,
Gabriel, and Azrael also appear in the Qu'ran)

Michael: Daniel 10:13, 12; 12:1; Jude 9; Revelation 12:7-9; Tobit 12:15;
  1 Enoch 20:1-8, 40:1-10
Gabriel: Daniel 8:16; 9:21; Luke 1:1-11, esp. 19; 1 Enoch 20:1-8, 40:1-10
Raphael: Tobit 3:17; 1 Enoch 20:1-8, 40:1-10
Uriel: 2 Esdras (4 Ezra) 4:1; 1 Enoch 20:1-8 (Zecharaiah 1-4; Daniel 10)
Azrael: (Lost Books of Eden?); (1 Enoch?)
Zadkiel: Lost Books of Eden
Jeremiel: 1 Enoch 20:1-8; 2 Baruch 55:3

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