Better Living Through Macros
by Joel Hahn
Lead Cataloger,
Niles Public Library District

I've been active for a while in creating macros for use at the Niles Public Library District, as well as grabbing some off of the Web. Now it's time to give back to the net what I've gotten out of it, and share some of what I've created. I sincerely hope some of these are as useful to others as they have been for us.

Macros for the Connexion client

Useful macro fragments and functions

How to load macros into Connexion from an e-mail, a web page, or another computer

OCLC Macro Language for the Complete Beginner (Connexion version)

This is a series of "lectures" on how to program macros in the OCLC Macro Language, intended primarily for those who are just starting to learn about OCLC macros and feel intimidated by the "strange" language used to create and edit them. Even (and especially) if you've never had any past programming experience, or if it's been so long that you've forgotten the ins and outs of programming, you may find these lessons very helpful in editing existing OML macros and in creating your own from scratch.

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