Genealogy and Family History

Joel's parents, Kate's mother and grandfather, and several distant cousins did a lot of work on family genealogy. We have taken that, compiled it all together, and greatly expanded it, aided by information we've found on the web. We've chosen to put our genealogy files online, in the hopes that other researchers might stumble across long-lost cousins, and share their research with us.

Hahn, Fremter, Claus, Albers, and related families

The Breither family (Definitely related to the Hahns, but without records from Silesia [now Poland] we cannot prove exactly how. Most likely, Paul & Charlotte Breither were either siblings of or a niece & nephew of Karoline Breither Hahn)

The Schmiedel family (Also definitely related to the Hahns, but without records from Silesia [now Poland] we cannot prove exactly how. Most likely, the elder Mrs. Schmiedel was a sister or first cousin of Ernest G. Hahn)

Weizel, Scott, Kovacs, Maracsko, and related families

Hicks, Davis, Stuewer, Best, and related families

A few words about completeness in these files: In order to keep the task of compiling this relatively manageable, we decided that we were going to focus on direct ancestors (rather than trying to find all descendants of a given ancestor), as well as our ancestor's siblings, their siblings' children, their siblings' spouses and in-laws, and often, their siblings' grandchildren. The primary exceptions to this are cases where we've gone further out than that to link up to another researcher or a distant cousin we actually know in person, and cases where we want to know as much as possible about that branch of the family (such as with the Breithers and the Schmiedels, so we can have as much evidence as we can get to someday figure out how those families connect in). This can help us find more information, as finding information on a sibling's family may lead to important information about the common ancestor, and also provides multiple generations of hooks to show how these files link to other online genealogies of those other lines of descendancy. In addition, the records for anyone who is still alive have been filtered to not display any personal information other than surname and gender.

Since extensive travel to research original documents and resources is generally out of the picture for us, we have done most of our research with online tools, such as, the U.S. GenWeb project, The Latter-Day Saints' International Genealogical Index (and microfilm holdings of original records), The Social Security Death Index, and many other resources.

If you have any information to add to these genealogies or have any questions about our data, please let us know!