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Peter Cook's Chapter History for 1966-67

        This exists in one carbon copy in the "Chapter Histories" file. [--Patrick Feaster]

March 10, 1967       
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia
Kappa Sigma Chapter 

        The academic year 1966-67 has, up to now, been the most productive and successful in the history of Kappa Sigma Chapter. Now if we sound a bit conceited right to start with, don't be offended. You really haven't heard anything yet. We began with thirty-odd members and have grown tremendously. Our fall pledge class, while only, and I use the term quantitatively, gaining for us three new members, was more than offset by our huge Spring pledge class. Through the great coordination of Paul Trubenbach as rush chairman we have fifteen new pledges! Rushing was effective to say the least. In addition to our usual rush smokers, we had our first annual "C.C.C.P." party (the meaning of which is left to the imagination), and a "Pre-Post" party featuring the Clown and Country Players' of Phi Mu Alpha presentation of Shakespeare's The most Lamentable Comedy and most Cruel Death of Pyramus and Thisby, from A Midsummer Night's Dream. President H. William Schnack's portrayal of Pyramus revealed the kind of talent that naturally springs forth from great politicians and musicians...all show. It was an unforgettable performance and was the sophisticated type of entertainment worthy of presentation at a function of a professional fraternity.

        Our two concerts during the past semester were a Chamber Choral Concert, presented in conjunction with Sigma Alpha Iota, and An Evening of Picasso, Percussion, and Other Items. The second concert deserves special note, as it was a lecture- recital, in which lecturer Bill Prante showed the inherent humor in music. Picasso's "Three Musicians" and various compositions by modern composers served as examples to illustrate the Twentieth Century style. The music included Alan Hovhaness' "Burning House" Overture (simple, but good) and a Toccata for twenty percussion by Robert Crane. We know that Brahms wore a beard, if nothing else.

        The Phi Mu Alpha chorus, under the direction of Thomas Schmidt, has been asked to sing on various occassions including Sunday morning service and the annual faculty banquet. With our new pledges our choir has swelled to a grand forty-five voices. We're huge, and hopefully manageable. Tom has started a new choir of sixteen voices which concentrated with or about Gregorian Chant.

        Our basketball team, the Cosbys, under the spiritual leadership of Coach "Truby" Trubenbach, has lead [sic] a valiant fight for recognition of our fine athletes. After having won a game (at last!) they have challenged the pledge class to a tournament. Good Luck, Cosbys! Craig Affeldt has been responsible for our weekly radio show over WVUR-FM, and has increased our weekly presentations from 1 1/2 to 2 hours. We can boast of the only Special Christmas Show that presents only Russian 'cello concertos and symphonies.

        Perhaps the crowning achievement of this semester (indeed the history of Kappa Sigma Chapter) has been the acquisition of a new house. Our new house, at 810 Brown Street, offers us more space, a more central location, and generally newer and better physical arrangements. Much work has been put into this project by Edwin Eich, John Siebert, and our faculty-advisor, Professor William Kroeger. Through the gracious financial aid of Valparaiso University and friends of the fraternity we were able to sign the contract on Monday, February 27, 1967. The new house is all ours, it's official. We will be moving into our new abode in June, 1967.

Respectfully delivered,
Peter Cook