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Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia
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Collegiate Chapters

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Alpha - New England Conservatory (inactive)
Beta - Combs College of Music (inactive)
Gamma - American Institute of Applied Arts (inactive)
Gamma-DC - Detroit Conservatory (inactive)
Delta - Ithaca College
Epsilon - University of Michigan
Zeta - Chicago Auditorium Conservatory (inactive)
Zeta - University of Missouri at Columbia
Eta - Cincinnati College of Music (See Eta-Omicron)
Theta - Syracuse University (inactive)
Iota - Northwestern University
Kappa - Peabody Conservatory (inactive)
Lambda - DePauw University (inactive)
Mu - University of Oklahoma
Nu - Denison University (inactive)
Xi - University of Kansas
Omicron - Cincinnati Conservatory of Music (See Eta-Omicron)
Pi - Simpson College
Rho - American Conservatory (inactive)
Sigma - University of Washington (inactive)
Tau - Kansas State University
Upsilon - University of Nebraska (inactive)
Phi - University of Wisconsin at Madison
Chi - Washington State University (inactive)
Psi - University of Oregon (inactive)
Omega - Ohio Wesleyan University (inactive)


Alpha Alpha - National Honorary chapter (inactive)
Alpha Beta - Drake University
Alpha Gamma - University of Kentucky
Alpha Delta - Iowa State University
Alpha Epsilon - University of Southern California (inactive)
Alpha Zeta - Pennsylvania State University
Alpha Theta - Miami University (Ohio)
Alpha Iota - University of Texas at Austin
Alpha Kappa - Ohio University
Alpha Lambda - Illinois Wesleyan University
Alpha Mu - University of Minnesota (inactive)
Alpha Nu - Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester
Alpha Xi - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Alpha Omicron - University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
Alpha Pi - Bucknell University (inactive)
Alpha Rho - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Alpha Sigma - Butler University (Inactive)
Alpha Tau - Wittenberg University (inactive)
Alpha Phi - Fort Hays State University
Alpha Chi - University of Tulsa
Alpha Psi - University of Missouri (inactive)
Alpha Omega - Carnegie-Mellon University (Inactive)


Beta Alpha - University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Beta Gamma - Teachers College (inactive)
Beta Delta - Pittsburg State University (recolonizing)
Beta Epsilon - New York University (inactive)
Beta Zeta - College of Emporia (inactive)
Beta Eta - San Jose State (inactive)
Beta Theta - Millikin University
Beta Iota - Albion College
Beta Kappa - Coe College
Beta Lambda - Muskingum College
Beta Mu - Central Methodist College
Beta Nu - University of Northern Iowa
Beta Xi - Ohio State
Beta Omicron - Mansfield University
Beta Pi - University of the Pacific
Beta Sigma - University of Idaho (inactive)
Beta Tau - University of Miami
Beta Upsilon - Emporia State University (inactive)
Beta Phi - Baldwin-Wallace College (inactive)
Beta Psi - University of California (inactive)
Beta Omega - Louisiana State University


Gamma Alpha - James Madison University
Gamma Beta - University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire
Gamma Delta - Murray State University
Gamma Epsilon - Michigan State University
Gamma Zeta - Lawrence University (Wisconsin)
Gamma Eta - Furman University
Gamma Theta - University of North Texas
Gamma Iota - Baylor University
Gamma Kappa - Davidson College (inactive)
Gamma Lambda - Hendrix College (inactive)
Gamma Mu - Bethany College (inactive)
Gamma Nu - Case Western Reserve University (inactive)
Gamma Xi - Morningside College
Gamma Omicron - Wayne State University (inactive)
Gamma Pi - California State University at Fresno (inactive)
Gamma Rho - Northwestern State University
Gamma Sigma - Wichita State University (inactive)
Gamma Tau - Indiana University
Gamma Upsilon - Phillips University (inactive)
Gamma Phi - Southwest Texas State University
Gamma Chi - Texas Wesleyan University (recolonizing)
Gamma Psi - George Peabody College (inactive)
Gamma Omega - Indiana State University


Delta Alpha - Cumberland College (inactive)
Delta Beta - Alabama State University
Delta Gamma - Houston Baptist University (inactive)
Delta Epsilon - University of Southwestern Louisiana
Delta Zeta - Oklahoma City University (inactive)
Delta Eta - Youngstown State University (recolonizing)
Delta Theta - University of Montana (inactive)
Delta Iota - Western Michigan University
Delta Kappa - University of South Dakota (inactive)
Delta Lambda - Ball State University
Delta Mu - Texas Christian University
Delta Nu - Bradley University
Delta Xi - Eastern Michigan University (inactive)
Delta Omicron - Boston University (Boston College of Music) (inactive)
Delta Pi - University of Redlands
Delta Rho - University of Wisconsin (inactive)
Delta Sigma - University of South Carolina
Delta Tau - Oklahoma State University
Delta Upsilon - Southern Methodist University (inactive)
Delta Phi - Lewis & Clark College (inactive)
Delta Chi - Minneapolis College of Music (inactive)
Delta Psi - Auburn University
Delta Omega - Southeastern Louisiana University


Epsilon Alpha - University of Toledo (inactive)
Epsilon Beta - Abilene Christian University (inactive)
Epsilon Gamma - Central Missouri State University
Epsilon Delta - University of South Alabama (Inactive)
Epsilon Eta - University of Puget Sound
Epsilon Theta - Roosevelt University (inactive)
Epsilon Iota - Florida State University
Epsilon Kappa - Southern Illinois University
Epsilon Lambda - University of Georgia
Epsilon Mu - University of Kansas City (inactive)
Epsilon Nu - Jacksonville State University
Epsilon Xi - Idaho State College (inactive)
Epsilon Omicron - San Diego State University
Epsilon Pi - Hartwick College
Epsilon Rho - Northern Illinois University
Epsilon Sigma - West Virginia University
Epsilon Tau - Eastern Washington University (inactive)
Epsilon Upsilon - University of Evansville
Epsilon Phi - Capital University
Epsilon Chi - Pepperdine University (inactive)
Epsilon Omega - University of Omaha (inactive)


Zeta Alpha - Rowan University
Zeta Beta - Augustana College
Zeta Gamma - Valdosta State University
Zeta Delta - North Central College (inactive)
Zeta Epsilon - Shorter College
Zeta Theta - Wagner College (inactive)
Zeta Iota - Howard University
Zeta Kappa - University of Louisville
Zeta Mu - Sam Houston State University
Zeta Nu - Washington University (inactive)
Zeta Xi - Lincoln University
Zeta Omicron - Georgia Southern University
Zeta Pi - Loyola University (inactive)
Zeta Rho - Fisk University (inactive)
Zeta Sigma - Texas Tech University
Zeta Tau - Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Zeta Upsilon - California State University at Los Angeles (inactive)
Zeta Phi - Friends University (inactive)
Zeta Chi - McNeese State University *X
Zeta Psi - East Carolina University
Zeta Omega - University of Hartford


Eta Alpha - Georgia College & State University
Eta Beta - University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Eta Gamma - South Arkansas University (inactive)
Eta Delta - Grambling State University *X (see Omicron Lambda)
Eta Epsilon - Augustana College (inactive)
Eta Zeta - Newberry College (Inactive)
Eta Theta - Catholic University of America (inactive)
Eta Iota - Northeast Louisiana University (inactive)
Eta Kappa - Occidental College (inactive)
Eta Lambda - Moorhead State University (See Theta Pi)
Eta Mu - Lamar University
Eta Nu - St. Mary's University of Minnesota
Eta Xi - Tennessee State University
Eta-Omicron - University of Cincinnati (Formed by the merging of the Eta and Omicron chapters) (Inactive)
Eta Pi - Williamette University (inactive)
Eta Rho - Park College (inactive)
Eta Sigma - San Francisco State University (inactive)
Eta Tau - California State University at Sacramento (inactive)
Eta Upsilon - Centenary College (inactive)
Eta Phi - University of Southern Mississippi
Eta Chi - University of Minnesota (inactive)
Eta Psi - University of Maryland (inactive)
Eta Omega - University of Florida


Theta Alpha - Kean College of New Jersey (inactive)
Theta Beta - University of Richmond (inactive)
Theta Gamma - Fort Valley State University (inactive)
Theta Delta - Southern Oregon State College (inactive)
Theta Epsilon - Wartburg College (inactive)
Theta Zeta - Indiana Central University (inactive)
Theta Eta - Wright State University (inactive)
Theta Iota - State University of New York at Potsdam
Theta Kappa - Mississippi College (recolonizing)
Theta Lambda - Hardin-Simmons University
Theta Mu - Midwestern University (inactive)
Theta Nu - Northern State University
Theta Omicron - University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Theta Xi - Drury College (inactive)
Theta Pi - Moorhead State University
Theta Rho - University of Memphis (Inactive)
Theta Sigma - Florida Southern College
Theta Tau - Austin Peay State University
Theta Upsilon - Delta State University
Theta Phi - Eastern New Mexico University (inactive)
Theta Chi - Dickinson College (inactive)
Theta Psi - Georgetown College (inactive)
Theta Omega - MacPhail College of Music (inactive)


Iota Alpha - Alma College
Iota Beta - North Carolina A&T State University (Inactive)
Iota Gamma - University of Iowa
Iota Delta - Central Connecticut State College (inactive)
Iota Epsilon - University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Iota Zeta - University of Bridgeport (inactive)
Iota Eta - Central State University (Inactive)
Iota Kappa - Lebanon Valley College
Iota Lambda - Duquesne University (inactive)
Iota Mu - Western Kentucky University
Iota Nu - Troy State University
Iota Omicron - Bowling Green State University
Iota Xi - Kearney State College (inactive)
Iota Pi - West Texas A&M University
Iota Rho - Southwest Missouri State University
Iota Sigma - Union University
Iota Tau - Old Dominion University
Iota Upsilon - Wayland Baptist University
Iota Phi - University of New Mexico (inactive)
Iota Chi - Evangel University (inactive)
Iota Psi - Southeast Missouri State University
Iota Omega - Hope College (inactive)


Kappa Alpha - Lipscomb University (inactive)
Kappa Beta - Morris Brown College
Kappa Gamma - Berry College
Kappa Delta - Texas Southern University
Kappa Epsilon - Olivet College (inactive)
Kappa Zeta - West Virginia Wesleyan College
Kappa Eta - Arkansas Tech University
Kappa Theta - Pan American University (inactive)
Kappa Iota - University of Central Arkansas
Kappa Lambda - California State University at Northridge (inactive)
Kappa Mu - William Jewell College (inactive)
Kappa Omicron - California State University at Long Beach (inactive)
Kappa Pi - Manhattan College (inactive)
Kappa Rho - Washburn University (inactive)
Kappa Sigma - Valparaiso University
Kappa Tau - Univ. of Central Oklahoma (inactive)
Kappa Upsilon - Julliard School of Music (inactive)
Kappa Phi - DePaul University (inactive)
Kappa Chi - Del Mar College
Kappa Psi - Western Illinois University
Kappa Omega - New York College of Music (inactive)


Lambda Alpha - Trinity University (inactive)
Lambda Beta - Susquehanna University
Lambda Gamma - Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Lambda Delta - Boise State University (inactive)
Lambda Epsilon - Dickinson State College (inactive)
Lambda Zeta - Limestone College (Inactive)
Lambda Eta - Western Oregon State College (inactive)
Lambda Theta - Xavier University (inactive)
Lambda Iota - Mount Senario College (inactive)
Lambda Kappa - Carthage College *X
Lambda Mu - Montclair State University
Lambda Nu - Trenton State College (inactive)
Lambda Omicron - University of West Alabama (inactive)
Lambda Xi - University of Mississippi (Inactive)
Lambda Omicron - University of West Alabama (Inactive)
Lambda Pi - Boston Conservatory
Lambda Rho - Northwest Mississippi Community College
Lambda Sigma - East Tennessee State University
Lambda Tau - Mankato State College (inactive)
Lambda Upsilon - Kentucky Wesleyan College (inactive)
Lambda Phi - Mississippi State University
Lambda Chi - Minot State University (Inactive)
Lambda Psi - Mercer University (inactive)
Lambda Omega - Carson-Newman College (inactive)


Mu Alpha - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) (inactive)
Mu Beta - Winston-Salem State University (recolonizing)
Mu Gamma - Angelo State University
Mu Delta - Longwood College
Mu Zeta - West Connecticut State University (inactive)
Mu Eta - University of Central Florida
Mu Theta - Tarleton State University
Mu Iota - Transylvania University (inactive)
Mu Kappa - Kentucky State University (inactive)
Mu Lambda - Atlantic Christian College (inactive)
Mu Nu - Louisiana Tech University
Mu Xi - Stephen F. Austin University
Mu Omicron - Ouachita Baptist University
Mu Pi - Lewis College (inactive)
Mu Sigma - Southwestern College (inactive)
Mu Tau - Philadelphia College of Performing Arts (inactive)
Mu Upsilon - Belhaven College (inactive)
Mu Phi - Union College (inactive)
Mu Chi - Pacific University (inactive)
Mu Psi - Southern University
Mu Omega - Buena Vista College (inactive)


Nu Alpha - Augusta College (inactive)
Nu Beta - State University of West Georgia
Nu Gamma - Missouri Western State College
Nu Delta - Northwestern Oklahoma State University (inactive)
Nu Epsilon - University of Arkansas at Monticello (recolonizing)
Nu Zeta - California State University at Stanislaus
Nu Eta - University of Texas at San Antonio
Nu Theta - Kennesaw State University (inactive)
Nu Iota - South Carolina State University
Nu Kappa - Winthrop University
Nu Mu - McMurry College (inactive)
Nu Xi - William Carey College (inactive)
Nu Omicron - Illinois State University
Nu Pi - Central Michigan University
Nu Sigma - College of William and Mary
Nu Tau - Wisconsin State University (inactive)
Nu Upsilon - Hillsdale College
Nu Phi - Orlando Junior College (inactive)
Nu Chi - Mount Union College (inactive)
Nu Psi - Shenandoah University
Nu Omega - Howard Payne University (inactive)


Xi Alpha - Hastings College
Xi Beta - Benedict College (inactive)
Xi Gamma - Columbus State University
Xi Delta - University of Nevada at Reno
Xi Epsilon - Shepherd College
Xi Zeta - Northeastern State University
Xi Eta - Morehouse College
Xi Theta - Radford University
Xi Iota - North Dakota State University (Inactive)
Xi Kappa - VanderCook College of Music
Xi Lambda - Northern Kentucky University
Xi Mu - University of Delaware
Xi Nu - Stetson University
Xi Omicron - University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point
Xi Pi - University of Wisconsin at Whitewater
Xi Rho - Maryville College *X
Xi Sigma - Bethel College (inactive)
Xi Tau - Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
Xi Upsilon - Eastern Illinois University
Xi Phi - Iowa Wesleyan University (inactive)
Xi Chi - Tennessee Technological University
Xi Psi - Westminster College (inactive)
Xi Omega - Frostburg State University


Omicron Alpha - William Paterson University
Omicron Beta - Nicholls State University
Omicron Gamma - Florida A&M University
Omicron Delta - Alabama A&M University
Omicron Epsilon - Western Carolina University
Omicron Zeta - Prairie View A&M University
Omicron Eta - Vincennes University (inactive)
Omicron Theta - New Jersey City University
Omicron Iota - University of Wisconsin at Platteville
Omicron Kappa - Clark Atlanta University
Omicron Lambda - Grambling State University
Omicron Mu - Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Omicron Nu - Christopher Newport University
Omicron Xi - Ambassador University (inactive)
Omicron Pi - California State University at Fullerton
Omicron Rho - Belmont University
Omicron Sigma - Portland State College (inactive)
Omicron Tau - Middle Tennessee State University
Omicron Upsilon - University of Houston
Omicron Phi - University of Alabama
Omicron Chi - Jacksonville University (inactive)
Omicron Psi - Eastern Kentucky University
Omicron Omega - Arkansas State University (Inactive)


Pi Alpha - East Texas Baptist University
Pi Beta - Hampton University
Pi Gamma - Bethune-Cookman College
Pi Delta - Vanderbilt University
Pi Epsilon - Bellarmine University
Pi Zeta - Lindenwood University
Pi Eta - Morgan State University
Pi Rho - Mars Hill College
Pi Sigma - Samford University
Pi Tau - Oklahoma Baptist University
Pi Upsilon - Colorado State University
Pi Phi - California State University at Hayward (inactive)
Pi Chi - Texas A & M University at Kingsville (recolonizing)
Pi Psi - Texas A&M University at Commerce
Pi Omega - Gettysburg College (inactive)


Rho Sigma - West Chester University
Rho Tau - Appalachian State University
Rho Upsilon - Temple University
Rho Phi - Kent University (inactive)
Rho Chi - State University of New York at Fredonia
Rho Psi - Wake Forest University (inactive)
Rho Omega - Virginia Commonwealth University (inactive)


Sigma Tau - Towson State University (inactive)
Sigma Upsilon - Adrian College (Inactive)
Sigma Phi - Brevard Community College (inactive)
Sigma Chi - Henderson State University
Sigma Psi - University of Tennesee at Martin
Sigma Omega - University of Texas at Arlington


Tau Upsilon - Findlay College (inactive)
Tau Phi - Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Tau Chi - University of Arkansas (inactive)
Tau Psi - Saint Cloud State University (inactive)
Tau Omega - Northern Michigan University (inactive)


Upsilon Phi - Truman State University
Upsilon Chi - Northwest Missouri State University
Upsilon Psi - University of South Florida
Upsilon Omega - University of North Dakota (inactive)


Phi Chi - Georgia State University (inactive)
Phi Psi - Nebraska Wesleyan University (inactive)
Phi Omega - The University of Dayton


Chi Psi - American University (inactive)
Chi Omega - Northeastern Illinois State College (inactive)


Psi Omega - Knoxville College (inactive)


(No chapters)

*X - chapter was expelled

New Colonies

Illinois Beta - Elmhurst College
Oklahoma Beta - Langston University


Province 1 - New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut
Province 2 - Lower Michigan, Northern Ohio
Province 3 - Central and Southern Ohio
Province 4 - Arkansas
Province 5 - Southern and Central Illinois, Southeastern Missouri, West Central Indiana
Province 6 - Nebraska, Western Iowa
Province 7 - Kansas, Colorado
Province 8 - Oklahoma
Province 9 - Texas
Province 10 - Idaho, Oregon, Washington
Province 11 - Northern California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada
Province 12 - Eastern Tennessee
Province 13 - Southern and Central Florida
Province 14 - Louisiana
Province 15 - Middle and Western Tennessee, Western Kentucky
Province 16 - Northern Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Northern South Dakota
Province 17 - Upstate New York, Northern Pennsylvania
Province 18 - Virginia
Province 19 - Missouri
Province 20 - North Carolina
Province 21 - Northeastern Ohio, Central and Western Pennsylvania
Province 22 - Southern California
Province 23 - Northwestern Texas, Eastern New Mexico
Province 24 - Mississippi
Province 25 - Southwestern Indiana, Northern Kentucky
Province 26 - Iowa, Northwestern Illinois, Southern Minnesota
Province 27 - Delaware, Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., Southeastern Pennsylvania, West Virgina, Southern New Jersey
Province 28 - Northern Illinois, Northern and Central Indiana
Province 29 - Southeastern Minnesota, Wisconsin, Upper Michigan
Province 30 - South Carolina, Eastern Georgia
Province 31 - Wyoming, Utah (inactive)
Province 32 - North Central and Northeastern Texas
Province 33 - Northern and Central Georgia
Province 34 - Alabama
Province 35 -- There is no Province 35.
Province 36 - Northern Florida, Southern Georgia

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