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Kappa Sigma Trivia

Pledge questions I asked:

What, exactly, is FM?
A national social sorority

Who am I [Joel Hahn] _not_ related to? Who am I related to?
  • I'm not related at all to Greg Hahn (and every other Hahn who has attended Valpo)
  • My KS big brother, Patrick Feaster, and I are 14th cousins, and Roger Luekens (VU '67, pledged Spring 64) and I are third cousins, once removed--neither of which I knew about when I decided to pledge. [Also, Jim Albers, long-time theology professor and VU Vice President of Admissions, is a second cousin of my mother]

Who made the "S" on the front of the house?
Greg & Don Hahn's uncle, Phillip Hahn (who is also a member of Kappa Sigma)

What are the 4 places every pledge used to "have" to visit before being activated?
  • Fetla's [Where everything is shelved "next to the guns"]
  • Azar's Big Boy at 2 A.M. [later renamed Broadway Family Restaurant]
  • The V.U. dog's grave (behind the law school)
  • Your Fantasies [now closed; a store on US 30 that sold X-rated stuff]

What is the origin of "Omar's Virtuous Ice Cream"?
Omar's Ice Cream & Paragon of Virtue merged (Trivial Pursuit teams) [Later, the name was used for the ice cream parlor run by the pledges during their first fraternity party as pledges.]

Recite the infamous rhyme about our fraternal neighbors.
"Sig Pi be nimble,
Sig Pi be quick,
Sig Pi come over
And suck my dick!"
[The origin of this is that Donn Wray--probably quite drunk at the time-- stood on the porch and yelled it across the street. As the story goes, he barely made it into the house in time as Sig Pis came running...]

Did you hear the one about the pencil?
It has no point

Who is Suedehead?
Jason Greve

Find someone who knows the Saga of the Sandwich & have them tell it to you.
Short form: Dave Bauder & Richard Eckert gathered the fixings for a submarine sandwich, made it, and ate it. Dave & Rich have a much more grandiose, fantastical, and MUCH longer retelling of the story.

Who were the Phi Mues Brothers? What was their mission? How did they attempt it? Who were the members of their "band"? Was their mission successful?
  • Jake: Dave Bauder; Elwood: Joel Hahn
  • To get a recliner for Matt Dobbertein
  • Bauder's car
  • Dave Bauder, Joel Hahn, Sean Esterline, Rich Eckert, Matt Dobbertein, Kate Weizel, Matt Deloera
  • No

Where is the FMA chapter room? What was that room before it was the chapter room?
  • Current T.V. Room at the House
  • a bedroom

Name the founding members of I Woppa U.
Paul Nord, "Shu", and Park Hunter [This was the unofficial "punsters fraternity," where only other members could hit members for telling awful puns. Of the founders only Nord was a Kappa Sigman, though many of the later members were "recruited" from within the fraternity. The founding chapter was called "I Eta Twinkie.: Much later, a couple of brothers created the second chapter, IEP.]

What, who, why, & where is The Hat?
  • A black bowler
  • Dave Bauder
  • he wore it all the time,
  • Eric McCollum's garage [Well, at that time it was...]

Name all the Peckerheads-for-life.
John Foos, Mark Ennis, John Ellis, Tim Good, Rob Christie, Sean Esterline

What is the Junta? What were its goals? Name three people responsible for the Junta's existence. What is their chant? How do you spell "junta"? What color is Junta? What is the title of their highest office & who held it?
  • The ex-officers of the Thress regime (Tom Thress, not Mike), and some of the defeated candidates the following year [Later, all ex-officers]
  • To undermine the Broadhead regime [Later, to undermine the current executive board, regardless of whether Paul Broadhead was on it or not]
  • Tom Thress, Kent Shepler (the leaders of the Junta), and Paul Broadhead ("the nefarious leader of the evil & oppressive Broadhead Regime," without whom there would have been no one for the Junta to rebel against)
  • Junta! Junta! Junta!
  • J-U-N-T-A
  • Fuschia (the fur color of "Junta," the teddy bear mascot)
  • Junta War Chieftan; Tom Thress

What province are we in? What is our chant? What other chapters are in it? What province did we used to be in? What chapters were in it?
  • Province 28
  • "28, 28 Damn it's great to be in 28, 28; 28"
  • Iota, Kappa Sigma, Delta Lambda, Gamma Tau [Note: Several more have been since added]
  • Province 37 [Before that, Province 4; before that, province 39.]
  • Province 37 was made up of Iota, Kappa Sigma, Epsilon Rho

What is the origin of the word OMAR'S?
  • O = F
  • M
  • A
  • R = K with a bar across the top
  • S = S

What is the Eric McCollum Rule?
No lavaliering, pinning, etc. of sluts

Give the mob nicknames of me and any 4 others.
Chappie = Joel Hahn; Squib = Patrick Feaster; Mr. S = Paul Streufert; Jimmy Hof-fat = Jim Loeffler; Tex = Matt Flinn [These are from a "Roaring 20's speakeasy"-themed party, Spring 1991.]

What is "moto"?
garbage, shoddy work, etc. [From the gobbledegook spoken by "Omar" at the "Omar's Virtuous Ice Cream"/1920's speakeasy pledge party, Spring 1991]

Pledge questions that I was asked: (not including any that are repeats from above)

Who is "The S word"?
Mike Thress' [then] fiancée [now wife], Shelly

Name the only left-handed member of the Beatles.
Paul McCartney

In mileage, what is the closest convenience store to the FMA house?
7-Eleven, at 2/10 of a mile

What is the fraternity flower?

[My Bliese Question] In Dec. 1988, FMA had a Fire-up for Winter Musicale. Give as complete a description as possible.
Homecoming weekend, FMA did Homecoming and built a float with FW. The theme that year was "Coming home to Hollywood". There was a small jazz band on the float, which won 1st Prize for Creativity. Jeff Grams was supposed to dissassemble the float afterwards, and hadn't finished by the time of Winter Musicale. There was a big pile of non-resuable wood there, and a high amount of tension around the house. Tom Thress, Jeff Grams, Jim Bliese, Rob McDonough, and John Ellis decided to burn stuff "because it was fun," and to blow off some steam. So it was literally a "fire-up for Musicale"!

What was eating meal plan food, how many did we kill, and what did we use to kill them--lures, traps, etc.?
  • Squirrels
  • 2
  • Rat-sized snaptraps baited with peanut butter, a shovel, and pruning shears

Who is the only Kappa Sigman to get a demerit?
Kyle Hanser

What is the story behind "I have to piss; Alleluia"--who, and what circumstances were involved?
  • Brian Schrieber
  • Over the Friday/Saturday of a long weekend in Fall 1987, he took a record player apart and put it back together. Quite drunk, he put on a record of Gregorian chants. He stood up, said "I have to piss," and with perfect timing, the record came in with "Alleluia".

What was the floor plan of the main floor of the house, before the 1980's remodeling?
     |         | Bath-|         |
     [] Study  | room |  Study  |
     |         +--[]--+        [] 
     |        []      |         |
     +---------+      []        |
     | Phone  []      |         |
     []        |                |
     | Kitchen |    Dining     []
     []       []    Room       []
     +----+    |               []
     |----+-[]-+--+             |
     |----|    [] |             |
     |----|    +--+--[      ]---+
     |----|    |                |
     |----|    |               []
     |----|    |   Living      []
     |----|    |   Room        []
     |----|    []               |
     |         |                |

Who were the "Four Seans" of the Fall 1990 pledge class?
Sean Hoyer, Sean Esterline, Mark Urbaniak, Jon Sollberger [At one point, when the FEO was introducing each of the pledges to the brotherhood, he forgot which two were named Sean, and mistakenly also called Mark & Jon "Sean."]

Who was the last person to haze Rob Christie when he was a pledge? What was done to him?
Jim Bliese, who said "I'm hazing you-- eat my mother's granola."

When was the current FMA house built?
Circa 1906

How many brothers named David were there in the Fall 1989 pledge class?

Pledge questions from other Kappa Sigmans:

Which 1980's Kappa Sigman was also a member of STG? [submitted by Bryan Reagan]
Paul Handrock [And for the 1990's, Sean Esterline was a member of DSF. Because Kappa Sigma has since joined Valpo's Inter-Fraternity Council and must recruit from the same pool of men as the other fraternities, and because of the rules most other fraternities have about joining multiple social Greek-letter organizations, it is now impossible or nearly so for anyone to join both Kappa Sigma and one of Valpo's other social fraternities.]
What did John Foos and Debbi Petterson find in the silver coffee urn in the China Cabinet? [submitted by Bryan Reagan]
A dead bat
In what year and for how much did the chapter purchase the Brown St. house? [submitted by Bryan Reagan]
1968, for $15,000
What were the white chips on Dave Palmer's coat? [submitted by Bryan Reagan]
They were made from bottle caps, and each one represented a Gamma he had dated.
When Paul Handrock was a pledge, what of note was taken on their pledge raid and where did they hide it? [submitted by Bryan Reagan]
They took the house's refrigerator and hid it at Prof. Krebs' house.
Who was supposed to be studying to be a Catholic priest, had a harem of women around him all the time which made everyone jealous, and then didn't become a priest? [submitted by Bryan Reagan]
John Ellis
Who was the Caffeine, Nicotine, and Alcohol Potpourri?
Jeff Johnston [submitted by Bryan Reagan]
Who had to get married after spring weekend, and who then renamed it "fertility weekend"? [submitted by Bryan Reagan]
Tom Nogar had to get married, and as a result, Nathan Clinard (a.k.a. "NATO",) coined the term "fertility weekend".
Who is "NATO"? [submitted by Bryan Reagan]
Nathan Clinard
Who is "The Rat"? [submitted by Bryan Reagan]
Dan Clinard, brother of NATO
Who was "Donute"? [submitted by Bryan Reagan]
Rob McDonough
Who did Rob McDonough say looked like someone from Middle Earth and why did he say that? [submitted by Bryan Reagan]
Rob said that Brian Schreiber looked like someone from Middle earth because he grew a beard and smoked a pipe.

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