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Kappa Sigma Big Brother Family Trees

Big Brother Family Trees

These are charts of all of the currently-known big brothers in the chapter. In this way, current actives may find they have concrete ties with past members, and alumni may find you have ties to the current actives. If you aren't listed, and can remember who your big brother and (if applicable) any little brothers were (or anyone else's, for that matter), please let me (and the chapter historian) know, so these charts may be as complete and accurate as possible. (Text versions of these charts were and probably will be available from the chapter's web page.)

Note: Most of the images that comprise these charts are much wider than a typical computer screen in order to be properly and coherently laid out. Thus, it is unfortunately impossible to view all of a chart simultaneously without changing resolution (and not even then in some cases) or printing the image without the printer set to "landscape" alignment (again, sometimes not even then). I apologize for any inconvenience.

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