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The Interregnum, December 1, 1969 - January 5, 1970
(a.k.a. "The 1969 Crisis")

On December 1, 1969, the entire executive board of Kappa Sigma resigned, and the chapter went into a period of deconstruction & reconstruction. In order to best relay what really happened, here are the original documents-- they do a much better job describing the events and feelings of that time than I could ever hope to do with a summary.

I have tried to stay as true as possible to the original, typewritten documents, down to the line breaks and typos. One result of this is that the few expletives in these documents have been retained, so if you are sensitive to such things, consider yourself warned.

Joel Hahn

Letter from David Stechholz
GA Minutes, December 1, 1969
Letter from to actives from chapter leaders, December 3, 1969
GA Minutes, December 8, 1969
"Beethoven's Birthday" letter from faculty advisor William Kroeger, December 16, 1969
GA Minutes, January 5, 1970

[Letter from then-secretary David Stechholz to future brothers poring over the minutes he took. Included solely to explain the eccentricities in the other included documents.]

                                    Sept. 10, 1969
To future generations of Sinfonians,

   I have been meaning to write this addendum to the files
for several months. Perhaps you have already noted that
I am a lousy typist, and that much of the minutes during
this administration appeal risque and positively unorth-
odox. For the former I apologize; a talented typewriter
I have not. For the latter, though, I make no apologizes.
It would be easy for me to critize previous Secretaries
for their bent on format minutes-writing. Yet, I shall
not lower myself to that because I realize that the
office of Secretary is a very demanding job, that Each
Secretary had his own style, and that history has handed
down a general and effective format for organizational
   Then why have I rather audaciously cast aside that which
has worked so well for so many? I cannot give a behavioral
listing of reasons for my actions. But I have tried to
be honest with several factors: that is, not only presenting
a reasonable facsimile, but keeping Brothers interested
in the fraternity, the meeting, and adding a little sparkle
to a world which often excessively steeps itself in a mire
of rules and regulations, law and order, and creativity-
stiffling formalism.
   To this end, the minutes of the Rider administration
are quite different. We have experienced some exhilirating
effects by varying our style of meetings, minutes, and
occasional dropping Robert' Rules. It should not be felt
that I am trying to destroy the old order. Buddha said
that change is the essence of all things. I believe that
he is correct.
   In conclusion, I wish to quote Tennyson, even though it
is somewhat of the subject and has been heard by you
several times before:
     "The old order cahngeth, yielding place to new,
     And God hath fulfilled himself in many ways,
     Lest one good custom should corrupt the world."

                                    Fraternally yours,

                                    David P. Stechholz

P.S. I do not live in the house in this my Senior year.
     I reside at 812 Brown St., from under the foorboards.

From GA Minutes, Dec. 1, 1969, (David Stechholz, secretary)

                         Where is your Brother?
                     Where Have All the Brothers
[...] The bare minimum quorum, 18 of 36
members, was present. There is no sense in saying who wasn't there.
It probably doesn't matter anymore, or does it?


       Tom Lee is not a dynamic speaker and he probably would be
the first to admit it. But, if the Sec. may say so, He tries
damned hard, damned hard. It was during Tom's report that the
meeting, perhaps even the whole fraternity, collapsed. The topic
of Rush is, as you might know, the carrying on of various
activities for the purpose of replenishing the life of this organ-
ization. Would, though, anyone want to join an organization which
is publically expiring? Perhaps expiring is too harsh a word, but
perhaps 18 or so members next year is too awesome a reality.
Tealey first announced that he was going to put up a Rush list.
It was decided to have a party on Dec. 14. Several ideas were
thrown back and forth for a long time. The Sec. believes that as
time wore on, the members present were beginning
to understand that it was hopeless to have a Rush program for
a 'sick man' fraternity.
       Finally, a Christmas Reception came into being. This will
be on Dec. 14th. A time has not yet been set. Frustration and
anger at ourselves had by this time taken its toll. Please don't
pass the words here choses as poetic, melodramatic, or subtly
       Up to this time, Al Rider had remained virtually silent.
And now Al had his say. Initially, he considered (wiht us) whether
some names-members were still part of Kappa Sigma, Phi Mu Alpha.
WHAT HAPPENS TO THIS PLACE NEXT YEAR????????????????????????????
If music, if the social life, if personal respect and esteem, if
good times, if the chance to help someone who just might need a
little love or attention, if all these don't hold us together,
What Does? A cheap place to live?
       Dave Stechholz proposed the idea of removing dead weight
in the fraternity. Numerous problems arose with this, such as
what is dead weight, what about forgiveness, and that omni-present
bastard, implimentation of said idea. A greatly modified proposal
eventually came out of the talk about members who havent' been....
       Al Rider proposed that we suspend all officers of the
Exec. Board, the By-Laws of the fraternity, and the Rush program.
The members presend agreed to this idea. Phil Hahn was elected
as temporary chairman of the fraternity and Dave Stechholz is to
continue to take notes. The Exec. Board, though, is Suspended as
an entity of this organization.
       It was decided that we should see one another and try to
look at ourselves and this thing we call fraternity. A list was
drawn up and appears on the next page.
NITE AT 10:00 p.m. (Song Rehearsal at 9)
       We sang 'Hail Sinfonia' and left."

["Brother-to-Brother List" elided]

[Addendum, p. 4 of the minutes]

Passed on the 'meeting' of Mon., Dec. 1st, dps as dps would like 
to reiterate these considerations:

1. Do we want a fraternity?
2. Do we want a House?
3. What do we propse to do about these first 2 points?
4. What are the other alternatives?  A large 'music' apartment 
5. Can you speak to any BROTHER in the fraternity?
6. If not, why not, and what are You going to do about it?
7. Some people haven't completely thrown out the Bible, and they 
   feel that Cleanliness is next to Godliness.
   It might be noteworthy to visiting friends, lady-friends, girls, 
   prospective members, and to ourselves whether our House is 
   indeed a pig-pen or a clean place.  Amazingly, this might mean 
   that some of us, perhaps myself included, ought to start 
   thinking of others' welfare ahead of our own.  I wonder whether 
   God rates Individuality as license when it occupies a higher 
   value than 'where is your Brother?'???
8. Have some of the Seniors, especially dps, Pontificated a little 
   too much?
9. Is it time for some of the Seniors to give place to younger 
   members in positions of great responsibility?  (I think that 
   this must be done).
10. Should the fine system be reactivated?
11. Should the Brothers come to respect Fraternity meetings, song 
    rehearsals, and social activities as having a maximum priority 
    on a certain night?
12. Should they be willing to pay a fine for missing any of the 
    above mentioned events? (from the suspended By-Laws:
    "Continual unexcused absense from meetins may be a cause for 
    suspension from this Chapter." III, C. "Nonpayment of fines 
    shall be a cause for suspension from this Chapter." XII, G.
13. Should a By-Law (assuming resumption of the existing By-Laws) 
    be submitted that would require at least three Juniors or 
    Sophomores (or Freshmen) to be on teh Exec. Board (assuming 
    resumption of an Exec. Board)?
15. Are some of us doing too damned much?
16. Do we really care about the Fraternity?
17. Do we care about its future?  What about RUSH?
18. Is it fun to be in Kappa Sigma?
19. Should we disaffiliate with National?
20. Is the fraternity not fulfilling what you want? Why not?
21. When was the last time that all the Brothers were at a 
    Song Rehearsal, a Meeting, a Rush event, a Social Function??
22. When was the last time the fraternity gathered on a Sat. 
    afternoon to straighten up the 810 Brown property?
23. Should we hold new elections now?
24. Is it time for Rider and Stechholz (D.) to step down (now)?
25. How about you?
26. If you were a rushee, would you sincerely want to join FMA-KS? 
    Why not? or why?

[A letter to the actives from the ostensible leaders of the chapter.]

                            December 3, 1969

Dear Brothers,

     In the opinions of those of us who were at the
fraternity meeting on Monday night, the Phi Mu Alpha organ-
ization must do something about its depressed condition
immediately or die.  As has been the case in the past several
months, a bare quorum attended the meting.  Unfortunately,
the same men have made up this quorum week after week.  Still
more unfortunately, about two-thirds of them will not be
returning to Valparaiso next year.  A big pledge class alone
will not be enough to keep Phi Mu Alpha operating next year:
more important, first, will be a core of dedicated leaders
taken from among our current members.But most important of
all is a group of brothers:  men willing to live together,
have fun together, and work together, with some common goals
in mind.  Each brother has to do his share.  This group with
some comon concerns, and conscientious leaders to guide it
can be Phi Mu Alpha.  The question is whether such a core of
leaders exists, and whether such a group of men with common
concerns exists, and if not, what to do about it.

     Another program which we must face is that we are a
small group of men, most of whom are--rightly so--more inter-
ested in academic work than in non-academic activities.  It may
be that we are too small to effectively operate a restaurant,
a rooming house, a choir, a band, a soccer team, a basket-
ball team, a radio show, charitable services, and social
activities.  Due to the hard efforts of a few men, these
operations are being successfully or nearly successfully
brought off during this year.  It may be impossible to
continue this next year.  It seems obvious that we are
stretching ourselves too far or too thisn and that a dramatic
cutback must be made.  Think of the fraternith related
activities between now and Christmas requiring the effort
of many brothers:
     There are the usual weekly activities such as:
     1. Basketball games          6. Executive Board Meetings
     2. Meetings                  7. Choir Rehearsals
     3. House Duties              8. Basketball Practice
     4. Madrigal Rehearsal        9. Ushering at Concerts
     5. Radio Programs

     Some activities require participation more often:
     1. Brass Quintet             3. Filling the Pop Machine
     2. Dish Duties               4. Making minor house repairs

     Also many special activities:
     1. Reception after Christmas Concert
     2. Singing in Chapel service
     3. Rush Visitations
     4. Christmas Party and Decorations
     5. Committee Meetings
     6. Singing at the Old Folks Home
     7. Performing at "Celebrate Christmas"

All of these activities require forethought and preparation
by someone to come off.  Just consider: is this too much
to do--and still remember why you are attending college.

     Therefore, at our meeting on Monday some extraordinary
actions were taken.  On the suggestions of the president and
with the support of the members of the Executive Board, the
Bylaws were suspended indefinitely; and all the elected
officers resigned.  Those of us who were at the meeting
reorganized as an informal caucus.  Phil Hahn was elected
chairman and Dave Stechholz was elected Secretary.  The
informality of the causus will permit us to inquire much more
easily into the organization's problems without being hindered
by bureaucracy and traditions.  Because our internal problems
are so great, it was decided to postpone rush activities
during the coming week at least.

     On next Monday night we will meet at nine p.m., sing
together, and then turn to the problems as we see them. We
shall attempt to give a summary of them here:
     First is the problem of membership. Many of our present
members are simply not interested in continuing actively as
Sinfonians.  During this week, those who were at the meeting
are attempting to contact all who were not there; and, if
appropriate, discuss this issue with them.  it was the
agreement of the caucus that those who sincerely what to be
without responsibilities in the Phi Mu Alpha organizations
or who are not especially interested in seeing that the organ-
ization continue to exist should be granted suspension
immediately.  Therefore, you are being asked now to come
to a decision during the next week.  Please think seriously
about it and ask yourself if Phi Mu Alpha has any meaning for
you now.  If you wish to be suspended, there will be no hard
feelings, no broken friendships.  In fact, it is fully
expected that up to twelve men may request suspension next
monday.  On the other hand, if you are sufficiently
committed to the organization to take an active part in either
rehabilitating it or dismantling it, then you should indicate
your committment by either attending the caucus next Monday
or sending a written excuse.  It will be assumed that all
who remain silent are tacitly asking for suspension.
Suspended brothers, by the way, will not be evicted from the
house or removed from the meal plan.  We will still value
our relationship as friends.  We merely want to trim our
voting body down to include only those who intend to parti-
cipate in it.  Finanial details will be worked out indiv-
idually later.

     Second, it will be necessary to decide whether to con-
tinue the organization's existence ar whether to te minate it.
This is seriously meant.  If those who will be returning next
year do not turn out in sufficient force or with sufficient
enthusiasm on Monday night, we will have no choice other
than to disband.  If this is done, those living in the house
and eating on the meal plan will be asked to selet temporary
officers to maintain those institutions during the rest of the
school year, and to sell the house and dispose of the furn-
iture as soon as practical.  If this quite probable action
is not necessary, the organization will have to reshape
itself and decide on its goals anew.  This means that decisions
would be made on what activities are to be re-begun, whether
we will conduct a rush program to attract new members, and
so forth.  This could culminate in the appointment of a
nominating committee by the caucus, and the election of new
officers in the immediate future.  If this sounds like it will
be a long meeting, you are correct.  It will be a long
meeting, one that will either re-make or break this frat-
ernity.  We trust that brothers who are concerned will arrange
their schedules for such a meeting.

     We are not looking forward to Monday night with any
false optimism.  In fact, we are very open to the possibility
of collectively saving face through suicide; for this is
certainly a more honorable course than collective death by

                             Respectfully and fraternally,
                             Phil Hahn, Caucus Chairman
                             Al Rider, Ex-president

From GA Minutes, Dec. 8, 1969, (David Stechholz, recording minutes)
[Note: This only exists as an old photocopy; it is smudged in spots and merely very difficult to read in most places. Some typos may be a result of the original being illegible rather than a true typo in the original.]

   The Meeting was called to order by Caucus chairman Hahn.
[...] 100% attendance
was noted, with Alumni Brothers Julseth, Kroeger, and McCall being
present as well. Everyone's attendance at this meeting is greatly
appreciated by Kappa Sigma Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. This
unifying-solidarity meeting was an expression of the Brotherhood to
remain the organizations we are under the symbols of Phi, Mu, and
Alpha. The significance of this expression of Brotherhood cannot be


   The last item on the  Mu Calendar is this: a slate of officers
will be proposed and posted before Xmas Recess by the Nominating


   Several Brothers had called for an Inactive Status.  Some Brothers
wanted to keep the Status quo, but this notion is passé.  After some
discussion, Brother J. Stechholz made the following motion:
"I move that we initate a voluntary inactive status, with general
social, meal plan, and musical options.
An amendment was proposed that the General Assembly shall approve or
disapprove the case of Inactive Status for a Brother requesting such
status.  This amendment was passed, 21-9.
Another amendment was proposed which deleted the musical option from
the motion and replaced it with this concept: The musical oblication
of a Brother on Inactive Status shall be the same as an Active Brother.
This amendment passed, 19-14. Brothers Stohs, Zeckser, and
Snowbeck gave explanation of their 'no' votes.
Brother Rider then proposed three amendments:
   1. Anyone on Inactive Status must pay National Dues.  This amend-
ment passed 15-1.  Henceforth abstainsions  shall be included.
   2. Anyone on Inactive Status cannot live in the house. Passed, 26-2-1
   3. A Brother on Inactive Status, if he chooses to participate in
some fraternity active, shall be assessed for the individiual activities
in which he wishes to participate.  Passed, 25-1-4.
The motion was reworded and voted upon as follows:
   KS shall initiate a voluntary Inactive Status with general social
and meal plan options. The General Assuembly shall approve or disap-
prove the case of Inactive Status for each Brother requesting such
status. The Musical Obligation shall be the same for both Active and
Inactive Brothers. Sub-sections:
1. A Brother on Inactive Status must pay National Dues.
2. A Brother on Inactive Status cannot live in the House.
3. A Brother on Inactive Status, if he chooses to participate in
some fraternity activities, shall be assessed for the individual activit-
ies in which he wishes to participate.
The entire motion was voted upon and passed, 23-10-0.

   The General Assembly now opted for discussion of what constitutes
musical obligations. Brother Gouker explained the Music Commettee
Open Meeting of last week.
Brother Rider submitted the following motion:
"Be it moved that all regulations and rules in the tradition and
By-Laws of KS regarding Musical Obligations cease. In place of this
deletion is the following: Being a brother means a musical obligation."
In discussing this motion, the last sentence implies that the musical
oblication of each Brother is to be decided between himself and the
Music Committee. The motion passed, 29-3-1. Brother Zeckser explained
is 'no' vote.

   The following resignations have been tendered: Al Rider (Pres.),
Eric Moehring (V.P.), David Stechholz (Sec.), Wayne Heitmann (Tres.),
Jim Haritatos (Historian), LeRoy Christenson (Social Comit. Chairman).
 Brother Hahn proposed a new Exec. Board-Commettee structure as
follows: Exec. Board- 1. President, 2. Recording Secretary, 3. Pledge
Committee Chairman and Vice- Pres., 4. Treasurer, 5, Music Committee
Chairman, 6. House Manager-Warden, 7. Rush Committee Chairman. These
are all elective offices. The Social Committee Chairman is also an
elective officer, but shall not sit on the Exec. Board. The following
will be appointed by the Exec. Board on the basis of interest: 1. Asst.
Secretary for Correspondence, 2. Historian, 3. Alumni Sec., 4. Meal
Steward, 5. Pop Machine Manager, 6. Assistant Treasurer, 7. Director
of Ushering, 8. Radio Committee Chairman, 9. All committee members.
This proposal was discussed, and acclaimed almost unanimously.

[Side note by Joel Hahn: This design went against National requirements, which mandated that Historian & Alumni Secretary also be elected positions. I don't think the actives of that time knew that, nor do I think they would have cared much about that had they known, given the situation.]

   Brother J. Stechholz moved that the chair appoint a committee to
prepare a slate of officers to be posted prior to Xmas vacation. This
motion was amended to have the members of the committee elected by
the General Assembly instead of by Chairmanship appointment. The
amendment and the motion were accepted. Brother Wheelock also moved
that the new officers be nominated for a term which shall begin in
January, 1970 and terminate in March, 1971, this making present Seniors
ineligible for office. The motion carried.
The following were monimated for the Nominating Committee: Brothers
Gouker, Hahn, Haritatos, Keller, Pinkert, Rider, J. Stechholz, Van
Gorder, Wheelock, Zeckser. The following Brothers were chosen to this
seven-man committee by the General Assembly: Gouker, Hahn, Keller,
Pinkert, Rider, Van Gorder, Wheelock.


Brothers Hahn and Rossin are the temporary co-assistant Treasurers. 'Fuck'em'
will do for the By-Laws.


[An open letter from faculty advisor William Kroeger to the Kappa Sigma actives.]

                      BEETHOVEN'S BIRTHDAY (199)

                         December 16, 1969

Dear Brothers of Kappa Sigma:

       Since recent developments of the fraternity have taken place I
have had a compulsion to try to communicate with you regarding this.

       For a while I thought that I might be the Faculty Advisor to a
local woman's club but I hope that the back fence gossiping has subsided
at this point because this behavior is really rather silly for men of
your stature to embrace.  You have so many things in your favor which
mitigate against this sort of thing.  Princeipally you have the Christian
ethic and even if you claim that no one practices it, you men at least
might give it a good try.  You could demonstrate the love of god with a
little intelligent good will . I can easily see that living together
with 25 men might try the patience of a saint especially in a small house
and that you might find one or two of the brothers unbearable, but you
certainly can't, if you're honest with yourself, find more than that.
The trouble is that you let yourselves develop into little gossipy groups
and of course if that continues you do a marvelous job of feeding your
own private prejudices and 'eer long you have split the organization down
the middle.  Please walk like Sons of God and assume that everyone else is
doing the same thing before you behave otherwise.

       The second thing I'd like to bring up is for you to take stock of
your normal activities as a fraternity.  In view of the fact that almost
everyone is so busy and time is of the essence, many of your activities
seem to become a chore and a burden.  Why don't you decide on what you
think is really important for the organization to do and avoid so much
splintered activity which has been characteristic of the past.

       For one thing, this is just my own personal opinion, I think that
a spring program other than your outdoor program is needed like a hole in
the head, because in the second semester there are so many programs that
have mandatory attendance that one less program is truly quite welcome.
There are activities that you could help to a much greater extent by con-
tributing your services where they are sorely needed.  For example:  con-
tributing your services to forming a chorus for the opera when needed, or
making yourselves available for an orchestra for extra-curricular activities
when an ensemble is needed.  You'd certainly get credit on any program
that Sinfonia was the organization responsible for such efforts.  I'd like
to compliment you on the program given about a much ago, however, because
it was outstanding and great fun.  Of course you could not do a program
again in that format because it was much too gimmicky, however everything
you did on that program could have been done in a formal manner except
perhaps, Snowbeck and his reeds, and the poetry which was difficult to hear.

       The third thing that I'd like to bring up is to get you to realize
that  Sinfonia is a professional fraternity.  Please take this seriously
because otherwise you are living a lie and selling a lie to your pros-
pective members.  You are unique beause you are not a social organization.
This is truly a strength because the social fraternities havin't a leg to
stand on except their social prowess and in view of their new housing, I
question the university's attitude toward their efficacy because it seems
these houses with a few minor changes could be turned into dormitories very
easily.  It seems to me that it is an example of the handwriting on the wall.

       Sinfonia is a professional music fraternity....music is one of the
arts and therefore is a product of the spirit world...it is heartening to
know that Sinfonia welcomes practitioners of other arts as well as music.
It certainly behooves you to sell this element to your pledges, as well
as the comforts of the house and the meal plan, etc.  Please, please, please
don't entice men into the organization that have absolutely no interest in
the arts.  This augurs no future for the fraternity.  You have to orient
yourself to this organization's being created to help the professional
musician.  Even if you are not going to make your living as a musician, you
are going to have to think this way as a fraternity because that is the reason
for Sinfonia's being.  This fraternity was founded to fill a need and it does
fill a need when the true reason is realized.  As you realize th e arts are
always in need because the great unwashed as a whole are quite insensitive
to the spiritual qualities of life that make a civilization really have meaning.

       One more item.  Many of you look with great disdain on the National.
This is not difficult to understand because I agree that they could do more
to help the locals than they do.  But this can change and the only people
who can change it are the people in the locals.  You as a single local might
find this difficult but if you coordinated with the provinces you might be
able to create some pressure which could motivate the National.  You might
consider this as of the future.

       That's all men.  A Merry  Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

       Keep the Faith, Baby; a mustard seed's worth, maybe?


[note: everything sic-- very sic!]

                        THE BIRDS AND THE BEES
                        THE MEETING OF
                       January 5, 1970

   His Holiness Philip the Rooster called the 1st Holy Ecumenical
Conclave Des Cardinals. Most of the cardinals, and a few peckers,
were present. Monseigeneur Storkinholtz started to read the notations
of previous fungus, but the Holy Bird took over due to Storkinholtz's
   Next, several feathered Fathers red their reports. The Rushian
Bird, Cardinal Tealey, said that sign-up sheets for recruiting new
fowls are in heaven (second floor, see the Ten Commandments Board).
Give the fowls all you have, but don't screw up this program least
shame come upon your house. Next, His Holiness Philip the Rooster
gave a Heaven-Purgatory-Hell Report: more money is needed to finance
St. JOHN's Cathedral. Do indulge on this matter, if possible.
Arch-bishop Plato the Pious gave a Meal Plan Loaf; since we are runing
short of funds, all priests are asked to go easy on the wine.
Some old business was disgust. The Holy College des Cardinals voted
to knock out the window in St. JOHN's Cathedral and not put in another
window. (It would be most unholy for the dwellers of heaven to look
out onto the plains of purgatory and the next door structure which is
rooted in hell.) A new sucking vacuumcleaner was tacitly approved by
the College.
   The Nominating Committee Report was not turned over to the Good
Archbishop Plato. He read the proposed slate:
Holy See- Cardinal Pinkert, Pledgemaster-Vice Holy See-Father Rossin,
House Manager- St. Michaelsen, Recording Secretary- Monseigeneur
Ferko, Tres.- His Hoiness Philip the Rooster, Minister of Music- Father
Wheelock, Socialissimo- Bishop VonStein Gorder, and Rushian Bird-
Jolly Old St. Nic. Several of these fine-feathered-fathers declined
their nominations as the Election progressed.
                  COUNCIL TO THE HOLY SEE (see)
   Needless to say, the College was under great strain to choose new
fowlry for the High (!) Exec. Council. But, We have dunit. On the
first ballot a new Holy See was sighted. (No surprise, our Caucus
Holiness). Philip the Rooster is the new Holy See. All through the
world bells are ringing, proclaiming the news that was made this
day in the Sistine Chapel. Roma. The other elected fowls are these:
*******************(His HOliness Philip the Rooster)******************
         Pledgemaster-Vice-Holy See* Father Rossin,
         Heavenly House Manager    * St. Michaelsen,
         Recording Scribe          * Monseigeneur Ferko,
         Teasurer of the Holy Trsy.* Father Lessman,
         Minister of Music         * Jolly Old St. Nic,
         Socialissimo              * Bishop J. Storkinholtz,
         Rushian Bird              * Cardinal Pinkert
The Fowls of the Holy Aviary at least had their strength sapped out of
THE INSTALLATION will be next Monday, January 12th. All of the
Cardinals will be present. All Roma will be here to salute the New Birds
Bishop CAZ resigned as Alumni Scribe.  (please read backwards):
                   sutcere sinep ni, HALLELUJAH!!!!!

Feed him to the Lions (Dandylions)! ------> DP Storkinholtz, Monseigeneur