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History of Kappa Sigma, March 25, 1973-March 11, 1974
(summarized from GA minutes and correspondence file)
by Joel Hahn


The chapter decided to return to the practice of having two faculty advisors: William Kroeger remained on from the previous year, and Norman Hannewald returned to the post.

After elections, the first order of business of the new administration was to set up the Bylaw Revision Committee. The primary areas where change was discussed were the fine system and the "limited association" status. Discussion at nearly every GA for several months ensued. Votes were taken, then recalled and retaken weeks later. Then recalled and retaken again. The end result was no change to the fine system and a few tweaks to the rules on "limited" status.

Several repairs and changes to the basement were suggested, but the only one that ended up being accomplished was sealing the leaky foundation. The brothers who lived in the house over the summer painted the exterior of the house. The colors they chose were light green with dark green trim.

By vote of the members of the Meal Plan Cooperative, the following foods were not to be served when the normal supply ran out: chipped beef, corn fritters, and creamed hamburger. Mike Friesen took a sabbatical in the fall, and Robert Beicke was elected to be acting Meal Steward in his absense.

The chapter participated in the university's annual Songfest competition. An arrangement by Brother Beermann entitled "Variations on America" was used, which may have included use of the chapel's organ as part of the performance. (The chapter talked about the possibility of using it, but no record remains of whether they went through with it.) Kappa Sigma did not win, and some brothers were quite unhappy about that.

The refrigerator died again, and was replaced with one donated by Steven Cook's parents.

Fall Rush resulted in four pledges: Wynn Bonner, Stephen Hilpert, David Piehler, and Donn Wray. The chapter also initiated Larry L. Fleming as an honorary member.

The chapter held a car wash, and raised $50 for the music department.

Spring Rush and pledging brought the chapter six new members: Dan Gruchalski, Randy Miller, Tony Spelde, Thomas Unrath, James Williams, and Robert Williams.

After ballotting night in the spring, John Schoening and Mike Friesen drafted the "Points of Ballotting," which were three criteria for new members:

  1. He must have musical ability & interest and should be diversified
  2. He should have a fraternal spirit and be a hard worker & potential office holder-- a "good member"
  3. He should have a personality which won't clash with others

In later years, this was boiled down to the oft-repeated sentiment "He's a good man; he'll fit in well here."

In the spring, several brothers took part in an opera produced by the university theater.

The spring formal involved going to see Man of La Mancha.

William Welch, a Sinfonian from Nu Upsilon chapter, transferred to Valparaiso University and attempted to transfer his membership to Kappa Sigma. This turned into a big mess, as Nationals had no record that he had ever been initiated, and Nu Upsilon did not respond to repeated requests for information regarding his membership. When Nu Upsilon finally did reply in late spring, everything was straightened out, and he became a member of Kappa Sigma.

Elections were held in mid-March.

President: Mike Friesen
Vice President: Leonard Geffert
Secretary: Craig Kallendorf
Treasurer: Stephen Cook
Warden: Robert Beicke
Historian: Wynn Bonner
Alumni Secretary: Craig Forwalter

House Manager: Dennis Perchak
Meal Steward: David Piehler
Music Chairman: Eric Kuehner
Rush-Social Chairman: Stephen Hilpert

The chapter received all seven chapter citations for 1973-74, the only chapter in the province to get all seven.

Respectfully submitted,
Joel Hahn