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Initiated four new Brothers in this chapter bringing the total ative membership to 20 and alumni membership to 108.

Three Brothers attended the Spring Workshop at North Central College and presented a tape recording of Brother Wienhorst's All in the Rains

Presented Brother Beermann's arrangement of Variations on America for the Spring Song Fest in the Chapel. Spring Pledge project was the redoing of the T.V. room.

Painted the exterior of the House.

repaired the basement wall to prevent futher rain damage.

Hosted the Fall Music Department Party.

Radified [sic] revisions [to] the Chapter By-Laws.

Conducted a car wash to raise $50.00 for the Music Department.

Sponsored a free beer party for the Music Department.

Aquired an organ as a donation for the Chapter House.

Sponsored a Homecoming Queen candidate who is in the 1973 Court.

Purchased new living room furnature [sic] and drapes.

Reinstated having two Faculty Advisors: Prof. Hannewald and Kroeger.

Sponsored L.L. Fleming as a Chapter Honorary.

Sent five Brothers to the Fall Workshop at Northwestern and received the bids for the Spring 1974 Workshop at Valparaiso and also hosting the Regional Workshop in 1975. Also we received five stars on the National Achievement Award for 1973.

We now have four Pledges (two Music Majors) and all Active Brothers have membership in a performing musical group except one.