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History of Kappa Sigma, March 11, 1974-March 10, 1975
(summarized from GA minutes and correspondence file)
by Joel Hahn


Kappa Sigma once again took part in Songfest in May. Unlike the previous year, this time they placed in the top three fraternities.

Right at the beginning of rush, Kappa Sigma got in trouble with the Dean of Men, over an incident involving an underage, drunken rushee who was arrested by the Valparaiso police. The Dean of Men arranged to have the case removed to University jurisdiction, so that the student would not have to appear in court. The university put the student on a form of probation; no official action was made by the University against Kappa Sigma. After being warned by the dean to see that this sort of thing did not happen again, the chapter decided to take a "wait and see" attitude towards drinking at rush functions, and also to make sure that anyone who overindulges be safely driven home.

Once again, the matter of which officers make up the "executive board" was raised. President Friesen clarified what National says on the matter: the executive board of a chapter consists of all seven national officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Warden, Historian, and Alumni Secretary).

The theme for the chapter's Fall 1974 concert was "Twentieth-century American Music;" it included barbershop, choral, and instrumental pieces.

Fall rush functions consisted of the annual music department picnic, a smoker, a softball game, bowling, a trip to Shakey's, a hayride with SAI, and a showing of the movie Cabaret. This netted the chapter eight pledges: Michael Beck, Robert Brinkley, Richard Gierach, David Milne, Timothy Moe, Edwin Schmeckpeper, Steven Tonn, and Richard Williams.

The Little Sis program was not held this year. National was quite firm that no women members were allowed.

The chapter arranged for Dr. Halter to speak on the theology of church music, but a mixup in scheduling with a music department rehearsal resulted in almost no attendance.

The chapter attempted to book organist Virgil Fox for a fall concert, but discovered that the booking cost was too prohibitive, even for the university's Committee on Activities. When the chapter inquired of the managing agency why the cost was so high compared with other, comparable organists, the response was that, while the chapter might think there are organists of comparable talent out there, Mr. Fox's talent is such that he draws significantly larger audiences than anyone else does, thus warranting a higher booking fee. With a Virgil Fox concert completely out of the question, the chapter worked with the music department, the dean of the chapel, and the university's Committee on Activities to get organist Paul Manz to do a concert at Valparaiso. Paul Manz was interested, and planning proceeded for an April concert.

William Welch, whose chapter membership transfer had required so much work and caused so many headaches the previous year, was expelled in November. He claimed he no longer had any interest in Sinfonia, that it was something he had rushed into as a freshman at his previous school.

In January, Thomas Unrath organized a "slave day" fundraiser. Sinfonians would labor from 9-5 on a Saturday, for a cost of $1.50 an hour.

Spring rush consisted of a swimming party, a smoker, and a wine & cheese gathering.

Once again, several Sinfonians and pledges were involved with the university theater's opera. The opera's schedule made pledging difficult, but they made it through the process anyway.

Elections were held in mid-March.

President: Robert Beicke
Vice-President: Stephen Cook
Treasurer: Robert Williams
Secretary: Thomas Unrath
Warden: Dennis Perchak
Historian: David Piehler
Alumni Secretary: Eric Kuehner
Meal Plan: Jim Williams

Respectfully submitted,
Joel Hahn