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History of Kappa Sigma March 31, 1979 - April 9, 1979
(summarized from GA minutes and correspondence file)
by Joel Hahn


(The existing minutes for this administration are handwritten in outline form on the fronts of four sheets of paper. There is no surviving correspondence file from this year.)

The standard appointed positions were filled at the first executive board meeting of the new administration.

Meal Plan Managers:   John Frett, Dennis Neuman
Music Chairman:       Al Weiss
Rush/Social Chairman: Craig Winters
House Managers:       Ted Langewisch, Jim Reeb

A committe put together a Kappa Sigma phone book, with all the actives, all of the Little Sisses, and recent & local alumni.

The Little Sis program again came up for review--how many to take in, how to choose who's in and who isn't, and whether or not to charge them their own dues. This last issue was decided with an emphatic "No!"

All of the social fraternities were members of the Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC). None of the professional nor honorary fraternities could be members. All member fraternities had to abide by IFC's rules on rushing, parties, membership activities, and so forth; professional fraternities did not. Once in, there is no way to back out. Kappa Sigma, with its peculiar mix of professional & social sides fell in the cracks. It had a house, and had frequent parties, but was (and is) officially a professional organization. The issue of whether to join IFC came up this year, and was turned down by the general assembly. Some years, IFC and the university were eager to push Kappa Sigma to join IFC; other years, they most definitely wanted nothing to do with anyone who wasn't officially a social fraternity, especially Kappa Sigma. Some years, Kappa Sigma was interested in joining IFC (usually when IFC was generally anti-Sinfonia); most years, a majority of actives thought that the drawbacks grossly outweighed any benefits. (Around 2001, Kappa Sigma officially joined IFC, after being a non-member observer for many years.)

This semester, the chapter initiated five pledges, and also initiated Jan Bender as an honorary member. (The fall pledge class had six men, and the following spring had another five.)

Respectfully submitted,
Joel Hahn