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Kappa Sigma Pledge Classes

Under construction -- Please excuse any spelling or HTML errors, but also please let me know if you can fill in any of the missing information


  • Some class lists include members who depledged, but the total class member counts only include initiated members.)
  • (Faculty) = Pledged as a faculty member rather than as a student, but otherwise went through the normal pledging & initiation process
  • (Honorary) = Honorary chapter member; did not go through the pledging process
  • (<name>) = Listed member's big brother
  • (?<name>?) = In one case, two people in the same pledge class remember having the same big brother and neither remember any extenuating circumstances. It is not known whether one of them misremembered or whether there really were extenuating circumstances. In the other case, the person one person rememebered as his big brother actually pledged the same semester. It is not known whether there were extenuating circumstances or whether he misremembered.
  • (Unknown) = Listed member's big brother is not known
  • [?<name>?] = Unknown whether the person was in that pledge class (but definitely pledged around that time); or unknown whether the person was ballotted but never pledged, pledged but depledged, or pledged and was initiated.

Spring 1961 (20 members) Charter Members
Donald Chandler
Robert Douglas
David Eifert
William Erat (Depledged; Repledged Spring 1962)
James Found
Lloyd Gross, Jr.
David Haas
Norman Hannewald (Faculty)
Norman Hill
Rudolf Hirschmann
Alan Julseth
Charles Kelemen
Daniel Koch
Richard Kraemer
Nils Kenneth Lundberg
Roger Maier
Joseph McCall (Factulty)
William McFarland
Theodore Mesh
Robert Meyer
John Vogel

Fall 1961 (4 members) (initiated in early 1962) (This class did not have big brothers)
Arthur Griesel, Jr.
Phil Seyer
William Kroeger (Faculty)
John Friedman

Spring 1962 (6+1 members) (It is unknown whether this class had big brothers)
John Tews
Gerald Tietje
John Schurricht
James Goff
Ronald Franklin
James Kasdorf

Theodore Hoelty-Nickel (Honorary)

Fall 1962 (5 members) (Big brother tradition began either with this class or with the previous one)
Terence Bernhardt (Gerald Tietje)
Roger Giese (James Goff)
Donald Hoirup (Richard Kraemer)
Earl Martens (James Kasdorf)
William Wessler (Ronald Franklin)

Spring 1963 (11+2 members)
James Bartsch (William Wessler)
Robert Bashoor (James Goff)
D. Matthew Earle (Robert Franklin)
William Erat (Donald Hoirup)
Ricardo Ernst (Terence Bernhardt)
Howard Foard (Earl Martens)
John Giles (Phil Seyer)
Roger Griesel (James Kasdorf)
William Meissner (Roger Maier)
Frederick Needham (Roger Giese)
David Schmidt (Richard Kraemer)
George Weller (Unknown) (Depledged: Blackballed)

Otto Paul Kretzmann (Honorary)
Richard Wienhorst (Honorary)

Fall 1963 (1 member)
Don Jones (Unknown)

Spring 1964 (14+1 members)
Alfred Born (William Erat)
Gerald Frank (Unknown)
Gary Genzen (Unknown)
James Kursch (Unknown)
Rolf Larson (Unknown)
Stephen Leubke (Unknown)
Roger Leukens (Gerald Tietje)
Stephen McKersie (Unknown)
Robert Pletsch (Unknown)
Harold William Schnack (Unknown)
Russell Schulz (Unknown)
John Erie Sedore (?James Kursch?)
Kenneth Vandrey (Unknown)
Gary Wischer (Unknown)

William Eifrig (Honorary)

Fall 1964 (3 members) (initiated in early 1965)
John Betz (Unknown)
[First name unknown] Dieters (Unknown) (Depledged)
John Isbell III (Unknown)
John Siebert (Unknown)

Spring 1965 (8 members)
Ernst Berndt (Unknown)
Alan Jacobs (Roger Luekens)
Randolph King, Jr. (Unknown)
Gregory Koenig (David Schmidt)
Raymond Martens (Unknown)
Paul Ross (Unknown)
Paul Schmalz (Unknown) (Depledged)
Thomas Schmidt (Unknown)
David Stevens (Rolf Larson)
[First name unknown] Thacker/Thatcher (Unknown) (Depledged)

Fall 1965 (2 members)
Elwyn Dolecek (Unknown)
Edward Maloney (Unknown)
Gary Weinhold (Unknown) (Depledged)
[1 other] (Unknown) (Depledged)

Spring 1966 (12 members)
Craig Affeldt (Unknown)
Peter Cook (Unknown)
Edwin Eich (David Stevens)
Luther Esala (Unknown)
Charles Frank (Unknown)
Ron Goetz (Unknown)
Thomas Janson (Unknown)
William Prante (Unknown)
David Schack (Alfred Born)
John Schenck (Unknown)
Paul Schmiege (Unknown)
Paul Trubenbach (Unknown)

Fall 1966 (3 members)
James Anders (Unknown)
Lorn Brown (Unknown)
Ken Sokolowski (Unknown)

Spring 1967 (15 members)
John Bernthal (Unknown)
LeRoy Christenson (Unknown)
David Gouker (Unknown)
Stephen Helmreich (Unknown)
Roland Jank, Jr. (Unknown)
David Keller (Unknown)
James Melang (Unknown)
James Nuttall (Unknown)
John Pleuss (Craig Affeldt)
Alan Rider (Paul Truebenbach)
Ralph Schmoldt (Unknown)
Roger Schneeweiss (Unknown)
Thomas Springmann (Unknown)
Paul Wolf (Unknown)
Clifford Zeckser (Unknown)

Fall 1967 (6 [7?] members)
Jeffrey Daehn (Unknown)
James Haritatos (Unknown)
Thomas Lee (Unknown)
Ron Oberla (Unknown)
David Stechholz (Unknown)
Timothy Stohs (Unknown)
Gerald Watkins (Unknown)
[?[First name unknown] Johnson? (Unknown) (Depledged?)]
[?James Navta? (Unknown) (Depledged?)]
[?John Redick? (Unknown) (Depledged?)]

Spring 1968 (9 [10?] members)
Dave Bodenstab (Unknown) (Depledged)
Gary Bossard (Unknown)
Chuck Brodell (Unknown)
Louis Edwards (Unknown)
Robert Fredricksen (Unknown)
Philip Hahn (?Paul Truebenbach?)
Wayne Heitmann (Unknown)
Paul Kern (Unknown)
Norman Malenke (Unknown)
Eric Moehring (Unknown)
Richard Resch (?Paul Truebenbach?)
Lorenz Wahlers (Unknown) (Depledged) [also 1970 Fall]

Fall 1968 (2 members)
Richard Carter (Unknown)
James Taylor (Unknown)

Spring 1969 (12 members)
David Deffner (Ron Oberla)
Frank Ferko (Jeffrey Daehn)
Gary Lessmann (Unknown)
Chris Michaelson (Richard Resch)
Timothy Nickel (Unknown)
John Pinkert (Unknown)
Thomas Rossin (Unknown)
David Schulz (Unknown)
Gary Snowbeck (Unknown)
Jonathan Stechholz (Unknown)
Paul Van Gorder (Unknown)
Larry Wheelock (Thomas Janson)

Fall 1969 (3 members)
Dennis Ferrini (Unknown)
Bryan Ness (Unknown)
John Sonderman (Unknown)

Spring 1970 (3 members)
John Brusen (David Gouker)
Bryan Dadlow (Unknown) (Depledged; Repledged Fall 1978)
Norman Franke (Timothy Nickel)
David Potter (Jonathan Stechholz)

Fall 1970 (7 members [-2 holdovers]) (initiated in Jan 1971)
William Beermann (Norman Franke)
Bryan Borg (Frank Ferko)
Richard Dieter (Ron Oberla) (Initiation delayed until the following semester)
Randy Gardner (David Potter) (Depledged; Repledged Fall 1971)
David Hawkins (Larry Wheelock) (Initiation delayed until the following semester)
John Kurinsky (John Sonderman)
John Schoening (Philip Hahn)
Mark Stohs (Jonathan Stechholz)
Lorenz Wahlers (Gary Snowbeck) (Depledged: Blackballed)

Spring 1971 (2+1 members [+2 holdovers])
David Deyo (Unknown)
Wiliam Patterson (Unknown)
Dan Rengstorf (Unknown) (Depledged)
[Richard Dieter (Carried over from previous semester)]
[David Hawkins (Carried over from previous semester)]

Frederick Telschow (Honorary)

Fall 1971 (5 members [-1 holdover])
Randy Gardner (William Patterson) (Previously pledged Fall 1970)
Leonard Geffert II (David Deyo)
Gregory Glisich (Bryan Born)
J. Heyduck (Gary Bossard) (Depledged)
Guy Langvardt (Richard Dieter)
M. Rubbert (Mark Stohs) (Initiation delayed until the following semester)

Spring 1972 (4 members [+1 holdover])
Michael Friesen (Unknown)
Richard Heckmann (David Deyo)
Steven List (Unknown)
Darrell Smith (Unknown)
[M. Rubbert (Carried over from previous semester)]

Fall 1972 (3 members)
Stephen Cook (Guy Langvardt)
James Jasper (Unknown; Jim believes it was probably Stephen List)
Dennis Perchak (Unknown)

Spring 1973 (4 members)
Robert Beicke (Either Leonard Geffert II or Guy Langvardt)
Craig Forwalter (Stephen Cook)
Eric Kuehner (Unknown)
Craig Kallendorf (Unknown)

Fall 1973 (4+1 members)
Wynn Bonner (Unknown)
Stephen Hilpert (Unknown)
David Piehler (John Schoening)
Donn Wray (James Jasper)

Larry Fleming (Honorary)

Spring 1974 (6 members)
Daniel Gruchalski (?Stephen Cook?)
Randall Miller (Unknown)
Anthony Spelde (Unknown)
Thomas Unrath (Robert Beicke)
James Williams (Unknown)
Robert Williams (?Stephen Cook?)
[?Greg Alice? (Unknown) (Ballotted, but either didn't pledge or depledged)]
[?Dave Townsend? (Unknown) (Ballotted, but either didn't pledge or depledged)]

Fall 1974 (8 members) (initiated in early 1975)
Michael Beck (Stephen Hilpert)
Robert Brinkley (Unknown)
Richard Gierach (Unknown)
David Milne (Dennis Perchak)
Timothy Moe (Unknown)
Edwin Schmeckpeper (Unknown)
Steven Tonn (Unknown)
Richard Williams (Craig Forwalter)

Spring 1975 (#? members)
[Paul Becker? (Unknown) (Pledged 1975)]
[David Ocock? (Unknown) (Pledged 1975)]
[?[First name unknown] Gillis? (Ballotted, but either didn't pledge or depledged)]

Fall 1975 (#? members)
James Peppers (Thomas Unrath)
[?Michael Meyer? (Richard Williams) (Pledged 1975)]
[?Charles Steck? (Robert Brinkley) (Pledged circa 1975-1976)]
[?Robert Trimble? (Unknown) (Pledged 1975)]
[?Patrick Wroblewski? (Unknown) (Pledged 1975)]

Spring 1976 (#? members)
David Freudenberg (David Piehler)
[?Macbeth Harris, Jr.? (Unknown) (Pledged 1976)]
George Jarosch (Unknown)
[?Charles Steck? (Robert Brinkley) (Pledged circa 1975-1976)]
[?Garry Stoll? (Unknown) (Pledged 1976)]

Fall 1976 #1 & 2 (2 members) (initiated in January 1977)
Randall Hardesty (Unknown)
David Telschow (Thomas Unrath)
Sal Soria (Unknown) (Depledged)

Spring 1977 #1 (2 members)
Timothy Kieschnik (Charles Steck)
William Nesbit, Jr. (Unknown)

Spring 1977 #2 (3 members)
Allen Burkman (Unknown)
Terry Dudek (Unknown)
Mark Stocks (Donn Wray)

Fall 1977 (8 [6?] members)
William Brown (Unknown)
David Butler (David Freudenberg)
William Colombe (Unknown)
Dale Meyer (Michael Beck)
Richard Trubey (Daniel Gruchalski)
John Weber (Unknown)

Spring 1978 (8 members)
Todd A. Carlson (David Milne)
Michael Dedina (Michael Beck)
Steven Kamradt (Unknown)
Ted Langewisch (Unknown, probably Richard Gierach)
Mike Lochmann (Unknown)
Steven Pera (David Telschow)
Albert Weiss (Timothy Moe)
David Westfall (Richard Williams)

Fall 1978 (13 members)
Lukas Bouman (John Weber)
David Collins (David Butler)
Bryan Dadlow (Unknown) (Previously pledged Spring 1970; Went on alumni status 6 days after initiation)
Daniel Davidson (Unknown)
Timothy Dost (Unknown)
John Frett (Todd A. Carlson)
Kenneth Hessel (William Colombe)
Jeffrey Koehler (Unknown)
Matthew Littau (Unknown)
Thomas Madden (Richard Trubey) Dennis Neumann (Unknown)
James Reeb (Unknown)
Craig Winters (David Westfall)
Steven Carson (Unknown) (Depledged)
David Paulson (Unknown) (Depledged)

Spring 1979 (5+1 members)
David Blundell (Albert Weiss)
Douglas Falk (Todd A. Carlson)
Paul Rahn (Steven Pera)
Christian Potthoff-Sewing (Unknown)
[1 other]
[?Tim Vogel? (Depledged)]

Jan Bender (Honorary)

Fall 1979 (6 members)
Philip Arvizu (Unknown)
William Paul Blase (Craig Winters)
Paul Clikeman (Timothy Dost)
David Stearns (Unknown)
Michael Rinehart (Ted Langewisch)
Geoffrey Zieman (Lukas Bouman)

Spring 1980 (5 members)
Charles Anderson (Thomas Madden)
Robert Brooks (Unknown)
Todd H. Carlson (Todd A. Carlson)
Jerold Kosey (Kenneth Hessel)
Peter Vecchi, Jr. (Douglas Falk)

Fall 1980 (7 members)
Brad Black (John Weber)
Christopher Kemnitz (Paul Rahn)
Jonathan Krutz (Peter Vecchi, Jr.)
Jim Pelley (Unknown) (Depledged)
Eric Preuss (Craig Winters)
Paul Saraffe (Greg Zieman)
Gerald Ward (Unknown)

Spring 1981 (3 members)
Dale Rudy (David Telschow)
[2 others]

Fall 1981 (12 members)
Richard Davies (Paul Saraffe)
Michael Fazekas (Unknown)
Scott Hansen (Michael Rinehart)
Ralph Iler (Paul Rahn)
Kenneth Krippner (Christopher Kemnitz)
Wayne Merkle (Geoffrey Zieman)
Donald Prough (Paul Clikeman)
David Sterling (John Frett)
Joseph Glenn Wade (Unknown)
Steven Wolfgram (Thomas Madden)
Daniel Wright (Jonathan Krutz)
Daniel Zimmerman (Dale Rudy)
Mark O'Brien (Unknown) (Depledged)
Chris Thomas (Unknown) (Depledged)

Spring 1982 (1+1 members)
Peter Gogl (Paul Clikeman)

Robert Schnabel (Honorary)

Fall 1982 (6 members)
Gordon Fisher II (Unknown)
Wayne Fisher (David Sterling)
William Froude (Jonathan Krutz)
Stephen Pauling (Lukas Bouman)
Jason Rensner (Kenneth Krippner)
[?Bryan VanderVinne (Pledged circa 1982)]

Spring 1983 (8 members)
[?Ben Bonneville? (Daniel Wright) (Pledged circa 1983)]
Karl Gangle (Donald Prough)
Timothy Millard (Jerold Kosey)
Brian Preuss (Paul Saraffe)
David Wiese (Daniel Zimmerman)
[?John Wittmayer? (Wayne Fischer) (Pledged 1983)]
[2 others]

Fall 1983 (12 members)
[?Craig Brann? (Peter Gogl) (Pledged 1983)]
[?Rex Cassidy? (Richard Davies) (Pledged 1983)]
Robert Franck (Karl Gangle)
[?Thomas Hermann? (Jason Rensner) (Pledged 1983)]
James Huston (Brian Preuss)
Todd Jack (Daniel Zimmerman)
David James (Donald Prough)
[?Robert Kuhnz? (David Sterling) (Pledged 1983)]
Richard Robinson (Timothy Millard)
William Westering (David Wiese)
Richard Galassini (Michael Fazekas) (Pledged at Kappa Sigma but did not finish at Valparaiso. He moved to NJ and finished his induction into Sinfonia there.)
[1 or 2 others]

Spring 1984 (4 members)
Gregory Bouman (John Wittmayer) (Initiation delayed until later in the same semester)
Steven Kortze (Steven Wolfgram)
John Renken (David Wiese)
Brian Smith (Robert Franck)

Fall 1984 (10? members)
David Lincoln (Craig Brann)
Don Meyer (William Westering)
Richard Soard (Wayne Fischer)
Alan Williams (Robert Franck)
John Foos (Robert Kuhnz)
Douglas Hahn (Rex Cassidy)
Gerald Hoback (David James)
Rob McDonough (James Huston)
Timothy Sorenson (William Froude)
[?Mark Schewe? (Todd Jack) (Pledged circa 1984-1985)]

Spring 1985 (#? members)
[?Paul Heintzen? (Bryan VanderVinne) (Pledged 1985)]
[?Mark Schewe? (Todd Jack) (Pledged circa 1984-1985)]
[?Alan Spoerner? (William Westering) (Pledged 1985)]
[?Jason van Lieshout (Robert Franck) (Pledged 1985)]

Fall 1985 (14 members)
[?Eric Arthur? (David James) (Pledged 1985)]
Steven Becker (Stephen Pauling)
Paul Broadhead (Brian Preuss)
[?Nathan Clinard? (Don Meyer) (Pledged 1985)]
[?David Doyle? (Timothy Sorenson) (Pledged 1985)]
[?John Ellis? (James Huston) (Pledged 1985)]
[?Mark Ennis? (Richard Davies) (Pledged 1985)]
[?Jeff Hazewinkel? (David Lincoln) (Pledged 1985)]
[?Karl Koeller? (Steven Wolfgram) (Pledged 1985)]
[?Tom Nogar? (John Renken) (Pledged 1985)]
[?Enrique Ochoa? (Gregory Bouman) (Pledged 1985)]
[?Brian Schreiber? (Gerald Hoback) (Pledged 1985)]
[2 others]

Spring 1986 (9 members)
[?Paul Handrock? (John Renken) (Pledged 1986)]
[?Duane Johansen? (Thomas Hermann) (Pledged 1986)]
Mark Kaiser (Rob McDonough)
[?Ron Kneusel? (Nathan Clinard) (Depledged; Pledged circa 1986)]
[?Kiyoshi Miyamoto? (Steven Wolfgram) (Pledged 1986)]
[?Victor Ochoa? (John Ellis) (Pledged 1986)]
[?John Priebe? (Brian Smith) (Pledged 1986)]
[?Dana Radke? (Douglas Hahn) (Pledged 1986)]
William Tadevich (David Wiese)
[?Thomas Thress? (Timothy Sorenson) (Pledged 1986)]
[?John Von Thaden III? (John Foos) (Pledged circa 1986)]

Fall 1986 (#? members)
[?Bradley Ecton? (Tom Nogar) (Pledged 1986)]
John Hutton (Mark Kaiser) (Pledged 1986)]
[?Steve Mast? (Brian Schreiber) (Pledged circa 1986)]
[?Eric McCollum? (Mark Ennis) (Pledged 1986)]
[?Robert McIlvride? (Paul Heintzen) (Pledged circa 1986)]
[?David Palmer? (Richard Robinson) (Pledged 1986)]
Steve Scalet (William Tadevich)

Spring 1987 (5 members)
Eric Bohnet (Robert Kuhnz)
Brian Kottler (Jeff Hazewinkel)
Bryan Reagan (Paul Handrock)
Martin Renken (Nathan Clinard)
Kent Shepler (Gerald Hoback & Duane Johansen)

Fall 1987 (12? members)
Tom Arado (Eric Arthur)
Jeff Grams (Jeff Johnston)
Anthony Grichnik (Bryan Reagan)
Greg Hahn (Eric Bohnet)
[?Gary Henricksen? (Steve Scalet) (Pledged circa 1987)]
James Huffer (Steve Mast)
Jeff Johnston (Rex Cassidy)
Paul Kloehn (William Tadevich)
Todd Longfellow (Thomas Hermann)
Sean Motley (Robert McIlvride)
John Stefanchik (Nathan Clinard)
Matt Striedl (John Ellis)

Spring 1988 (#? members)
James Bliese (Stephen Pauling)
[?Daniel Clinard? (John Foos) (Pledged 1988)]
[?Jeffrey Dygert? (David Doyle) (Pledged 1988)]
Timothy Good (John Priebe)
[?W. Christopher Kreicker? (Rob McDonough) (Pledged 1988)]
[?Daryl Lab? (David Doyle) (Pledged 1988)]
[?Scott Ligeski? (Brian Schreiber) (Pledged 1988)]
[?Jonathan Moore? (Jeff Grams) (Pledged 1988)]
[?David Petzold? (Paul Broadhead) (Pledged 1988)]
[?Alan Raines? (Gary Henricksen) (Pledged 1988)]

Fall 1988 (#? members)
Robert Christie (John Von Thaden III)
Scott Concilla (Tom Nogar)
D. Tyler Fellows (Jeff Hazewinkel)
Steve Geske (Martin Renken)
Thomas Heaney (Mark Ennis)
Jonathon Hintz (Thomas Thress)
Paul Nord (Victor Ochoa)
Christopher Wennerstrom (Mark Kaiser)
Adam Zabell (Timothy Good)

Spring 1989 (3? members)
David Ashby (Daniel Clinard)
David Bauder (Eric McCollum)
Richard Eckert (Bryan Reagan)

Fall 1989 (18 members)
Tim Borg (Kent Shepler)
Todd Caffee (Todd Longfellow)
William Diggs (David Petzold)
Steve Eichhammer (Greg Hahn)
Brandon Epting (Robert Christie)
Todd Gibbs (?Todd Longfellow? & Kent Shepler)
Matthew Hayworth (Eric Bohnet)
Michael Hintz (Jeff Grams)
Brandon Hookway (David Ashby)
Kenneth Kamba (John Ellis)
David Lindstedt (Paul Broadhead)
David Loy (Steve Geske)
David Motzenbecker (Scott Concilla)
John Obermann (W. Christopher Kreicker)
Robert Sandmann (Eric Arthur)
David Settje (Thomas Heaney)
Paul Streufert (D. Tyler Fellows)
David Teske (David Palmer)

Spring 1990 (7 members)
Patrick Feaster (Brian Schreiber)
Kyle Hanser (Tom Arado)
Martin Jean (David Motzenbecker) (Faculty)
Robert Kneusel (Scott Concilla)
Tom McKenzie (Kenneth Kamba)
Paul Springmann (John Obermann)
Rick Thomas (Paul Broadhead) (Faculty)
Thomas Trimborn (Todd Caffee) (Faculty)

Fall 1990 (12+1 members)
Henry Nathaniel Bachman (Robert Kneusel)
Joseph Bognar (William Diggs)
Christopher Cooksey (Timothy Good)
Sean Esterline (Paul Nord)
Matthew Fifolt (David Lindstedt)
Sean Hoyer (Adam Zabell)
Jim Loeffler (Steve Eichhammer)
Jason Parrish (Jason Greve) (Depledged)
Fred Renken (David Bauder)
Jon Sollberger (Todd Gibbs)
Michael Thress (David Teske)
Mark Urbaniak (Brandon Epting)
Frank Willmore (Brandon Hookway) (Depledged)
Paul Wilson (Tim Borg)

Earl Jones (Honorary)

Spring 1991 (6 members)
James Barkow (Thomas Heaney) (Faculty)
Mark Clow (David Settje)
Joel Hahn (Patrick Feaster)
Brent Moritz (David Loy)
Kevin Palmer (Tom McKenzie) (Depledged)
Thomas Prince (James Bliese)
Phil Roeglin (Paul Streufert)
Sterling Strickler (Matt Striedl) (Depledged)

Fall 1991 (10 members)
Trevor Bruss (Christopher Wennerstrom)
Mark Colosimo (Brent Moritz)
Matt Dobbertien (Michael Thress)
Mark Duray (Joseph Bognar)
Kevin Fann (Sean Esterline) (Depledged)
Matt Flinn (Kenneth Kamba)
Doug Grove (John Obermann)
Joel Hieber (Mark Clow)
Adam Jansen (Michael Hintz)
Michael McConnell (Paul Wilson)
Tim Schmidt (Todd Caffee)

Spring 1992 (3 members)
Mike Barton (Fred Renken)
Matthew DeLoera (Richard Eckert)
Marty Fix (Joel Hahn)

Fall 1992 (5? members)
Joel Boelke (Jim Loeffler)
Kerry Foley (Thomas Prince)
John Herbon (Matt Dobbertien)
Jeff Meadows (Matt Hayworth)
Jonathon Oblander (Henry Nathaniel Bachman)

Spring 1993 (3? members)
David Bauman (John Herbon)
Jonathan DeMik (Sean Hoyer)
Jeff Kosman (Marty Fix)

Fall 1993 (10? members)
Peter DeMik (Tom McKenzie)
Tom Fielding (Thomas Prince)
[?Andrew Fredel? (Todd Gibbs) (Pledged circa 1992-1994)]
Jason Hieggelke (Kyle Hanser)
Dan Holst (Brent Moritz)
Daniel Imig (Michael McConnell)
William Klein (Mark Urbaniak)
Thomas Moreland (Paul Springmann)
Andy Richardson (Doug Grove)
Jason Scheck (Mike Barton)

Spring 1994 (8? members)
Ryan Arnold (Jeff Kosman)
Peter Dreier (Jonathon Oblander)
Mark Earnest (Joel Boelke)
Dennis Friesen-Carper (Sean Hoyer) (Faculty)
Jeff Lawley (Phil Roeglin)
[?David Markley? (Joel Hieber) (Pledged circa 1993-1994)]
Joel Schiewe (Jeff Meadows)
Darren Slack (Jonathan DeMik)

Fall 1994 (10? members)
Jared Chastain (William Klein)
Clint Desmond (Tom Fielding)
Jeff Doebler (Jason Scheck) (Faculty)
Daniel Eifert (Mark Earnest)
Erik Gustafson (Ryan Arnold)
Rich Kordus (Adam Jansen)
Scott Malzahn (Jeff Lawley) (Depledged)
Steve Martell (Joel Schiewe)
Jason Nobbs (Jason Heiggelke)
Ed Roberts (Darren Slack)

Spring 1995 (#? members)
[?Geoffrey Brown? (Ed Roberts) (Pledged circa 1994-1995)]
Simon Kissler (Rich Kordus)
Noah Klima (Jason Nobbs)
Todd Schurig (Andy Richardson)

Fall 1995 (#? members)
[?Jonathan Archer? (Joel Schiewe) (Pledged 1995)]
[?Josh Bemus? (Erik Gustafson) (Pledged 1995)]
[?Kevin Cobb? (Peter DeMik) (Pledged 1995)]
[?Mario Dongu? (Jeff Lawley & Rich Kordus) (Pledged 1995)]
[?Greg Heaton? (Rich Kordus) (Pledged 1995)]
S. Glenn Jaffe (Noah Klima)
Josh Langhoff (Todd Schurig)
[?James Updegraff? (Jonathon Oblander) (Pledged circa 1995)]
[?David Walker? (Jeff Meadows) (Pledged 1995)]
[?Micah Zabell? (Daniel Imig) (Pledged 1995)]

Spring 1996 (2? members)
Eric Roades (David Walker)
Ben Nichols (Ryan Arnold)

Fall 1996 (7 members)
Josh Bachman (Greg Heaton)
Chris Clausing (Jared Chastain)
Mark Eiseman (S. Glenn Jaffe)
Phil Loos (Simon Kissler)
Ben Mueller (Rich Kordus)
Adam Rouse (Unknown) (Depledged)
London Shavers (Mario Dongu)
Nathan Trinity (Unknown) (Depledged)
Dan Zeigner (Daniel Eifert)

Spring 1997 (5 members)
Matt Frons (Unknown) (Depledged)
Jared Guyer (Unknown) (Depledged)
Scott Paukner (Josh Bemus)
Steve Pautsch (Mark Earnest)
Adam Specht (Jeff Meadows)
Jeffrey Wall (Phil Loos)
Paul Ziemba (Chris Clausing)

Fall 1997 (12? members)
David Arroyo (London Shavers)
Christopher Cock (Dennis Friesen-Carper) (Faculty)
Jeremy Cole (Dan Zeigner
Matthew Krones (Jonathan DeMik)
Pat McClanahan (Ben Nichols)
Brian Moore (Ben Mueller)
Pete Smucker (Adam Specht)
Andy Strietelmeier (Jeffrey Wall)
Ryan Van Gomple (Steve Pautsch)
Waylon Werner (Geoffrey Brown)
Stephen Werth (Steve Martell)
Chris Witschy (Scott Paukner)

Spring 1998 (2? members)
[?Jonathan Camp? (Josh Langhoff) (Pledged 1998)]
[?Richard Watson? (Dan Zeigner) (Pledged 1998; Faculty)

Fall 1998 (9? members)
Michael Campbell (Chris Clausing)
Russ Chibe (Ryan Van Gomple)
Ben Dickmann (Kevin Cobb)
Ben Kalkwarf (Matthew Krones)
Jon R. Mangels (Waylon Werner)
Johann Sletto (Greg Heaton)
Kevin Ullman (Andy Strietelmeier)
Chris Vergara (Chris Witschy)
[?Hal Wehrenberg IV? (Pete Smucker) (Pledged 1998)]

Spring 1999 (6 members)
Alex Andrikos (Johann Sletto)
Nathan Boal (Jeffrey Wall)
Jason Bornhop (Ben Nichols)
Chris Drabyn (Hal Wehrenberg IV)
Seth Hartwell (Josh Bachman)
Jonathan Schaefer (S. Glenn Jaffe)

Fall 1999 (3 members)
Jon Gesse (Russ Chibe)
Brent Shumard (Brian Moore)
Gerritt VanOtterloo (Nathan Boal)

Spring 2000 (7 members)
James Beasley (Pete Smucker)
Jacob Berglin (Jeremy Cole)
Stephen DeMik (Ben Dickmann)
Paul Friesen-Carper (Jon R. Mangels)
Damien Hall (Michael Campbell)
David Hirsch (Ben Kalkwarf) (Depledged)
Erich Keller (Jason Bornhop)
Richard Ortiz (Chris Drabyn)

Fall 2000 (5 members)
Stephen Bucheit (Seth Hartwell)
Kevin Gillins (Jonathan Schaefer)
Dave Johnson (Jacob Berglin)
Kyle Pierce (Gerritt VanOtterloo)
Douglas Rowland (David Arroyo)

Spring 2001 (2 members)
Kevin Goebbert (Jon Gesse)
Joel Hoffman (Alex Andrikos)

Fall 2001 (3 members) (Around this time, Kappa Sigma joined VU's Inter-Fraternity Council, which prohibits fraternities from rushing freshmen in the Fall. This resulted in flipping the average Fall & Spring class sizes.)
Dan Kenning (Brent Shumard)
Aaron Stahlecker (Stephen Buchheit)
George Zapf (Kyle Pierce)

Spring 2002 (11 members)
Sam Bowerman (Dan Kenning)
Dan Cobbler (Paul Friesen-Carper)
Jon Glenn (Aaron Stahlecker)
Matt Graham (Chris Vergara)
Ron Grahn (Stephen DeMik)
Vince Naimon (Jacob Berglin)
Mike Palmer (Gerritt VanOtterloo)
Luke Tegtmeier (Erich Keller)
Dave Wegner (Kevin Goebbert)
Ryan Williams (Damien Hall)
Steve Wolf (Joel Hoffman)

Fall 2002 (3 members)
Jason Hallman (Steve Wolf)
Adam Hughes (Dave Wegner)
Mike Weimer (Kevin Gillins)

Spring 2003 (13 members)
Dan Adrian (Dave Wegner)
Ben Dahlke (George Zapf)
Kenny Easton (Richard Ortiz)
Jesse Evans (Sam Bowerman)
Chris Frame (Paul Friesen-Carper)
Matt Gierke (Dan Kenning)
Justin Hill (Stephen Bucheit)
Jonathan Jennings (Adam Hughes)
Chad McKenna (Jon Glenn)
Martin Patrick (Jason Hallman)
Mike Ross (Luke Tegtmeier)
Ted Schultz (Michael Weimer)
Brian Wise (Aaron Stahlecker)

Fall 2003 (3 members)
Mark Bradley (Kenny Easton)
Tim Krause (Chad McKenna)
Cory Wood (Justin Hill)

Spring 2004 (12 members)
Chris Badell (Jesse Evans)
Micheal Beaver (Matt Gierke)
Jeremy Bow (Vince Naimon)
Joseph Cunningham (Unknown) (Faculty)
Trevor Groll (Martin Patrick)
Nick Heggestad (Chris Frame)
Jacob Kloess (Jason Hallman)
Bobby Koonce (Mike Ross)
Nate Leonard (Jonathan Jennings)
Thomas Pichel (Ted Schultz)
Jon Plant (Dan Cobbler)
James Wetzstein (Brian Wise) (Faculty)

Fall 2004 (5 members)
Rob Chambers (Matt Graham)
Adam Dravininkas (Ben Dahlke)
Nate Maki (Vince Naimon)
Joel Schaeffer (Jeremy Bow)
Mike Waugh (Tim Krause)

Spring 2005 (14 members)
Richard AmRhein (Jon Glenn) (Faculty)
Jonathan Busarow (Mark Bradley & Brian Wise)
CJ Johnson (Ben Dahlke)
Drew Korshavn (Mike Waugh)
Jeff Miller (Jesse Evans)
Derick Regier (Michael Beaver)
Thomas Riemschneidner (Nate Leonard)
Thomas Ritter (Adam Dravininkas)
Blake Scalet (Jacob Kloess)
Marc Taylor (Joel Schaeffer)
Dave Vines-Cavanaugh (Bobby Koonce)
John Watson (Thomas Pichel)
Evan Williams (Jeremy Bow)
Kurt Zoellick (Mike Ross)

Fall 2005 (0 members)
[No one pledged this semester]

Spring 2006 (4 members)
Ben Fischer (Cory Wood)
Ryan Flemmer (Trevor Groll)
Zach Hassler (Thomas Ritter)
Kevin Heiser (CJ Johnson)

Fall 2006 (4 members)
Ian Adkins (Robert Chambers)
Michael Anderson (Thomas Riemschneidner)
Tony Ocepek (Jon Plant)
Matthew Titus (Blake Scalet)

Spring 2007 (8 members)
David Elbrecht (CJ Johnson)
David Esala (Ben Fischer)
Fritz Gross (Nate Maki)
Jon Larson (John Watson) (Depledged)
Mark Mackeben (Thomas Pichel)
Kyle Rath (Marc Taylor)
Andrew Robinson (Blake Scalet)
Bradford Thompson (Jonathan Busarow)

Fall 2007 (6 members)
Charles Garber (Simon Kissler) (Sergeant, University Police)
J. B. George (Joseph Cunningham) (Faculty)
Alan Harre (Richard AmRhein) (University president)
A. J. Hofer (Zach Hassler)
Gregory Maytan (Jonathan Busarow)
Daniel Nieman (Matthew Titus)

Spring 2008 (15 members)
Jason Best (Dave Elbrecht)
Ryan Bourgart (John Watson)
Joshua Buzbee (Michael Anderson)
Brian Havlisch (Ryan Flemmer)
Derrick Janulis (Ian Adkins)
Mark Johanson (Bradford Thompson)
Christopher Lippold (Fritz Gross)
Robbie Maris (Nate Leonard)
Ryan Miller (A. J. Hofer)
Stephen Mitchell (Kurt Zoellick)
Chris Mueller (David Esala)
Matt Schulz (Dan Niemann)
Sean Wixted (Andrew Robinson)
Kyle Schumacher (Mark Mackeben)
Naoki Shimoyama (Ben Fischer)

Fall 2008 (2 members)
Aaron Fedor (Tony Ocepek)
Zach Slade (Chris Mueller)

Spring 2009 (8 members)
Ryan Behrends (Ryan Miller)
Adam Cross (Joshua Buzbee)
Ethan Grant (Mark Johanson)
Zach Johnson (Stephen Mitchell)
Vincent Killion (Derrick Janulis)
Stephen Luster-Bartz (Kyle Schumacher)
Matt Maske (Matt Schulz)
Mitchell Thayer (Jason Best)
Patrick Toll (Naoki Shimoyama) (Depledged)

Fall 2009 (3 members)
Will Millhans (Brian Havlisch)
Zach Monnier (Andrew Robinson)
Phillip Serna (David Elbrecht) (Faculty)

Spring 2010 (12 members)
Mitch Dunham (A. J. Hofer)
Jacob Hinton (Bradford Thompson)
Jacob Igney (Zach Johnson)
Benjamin Jacobson (Ethan Grant)
Vincent Leidig (Mitchell Thayer)
Lee Orchard (Jeff Hazewinkel) (Faculty)
Robert Palumbo (Kevin Goebbert) (Faculty)
Max Slabaugh (Aaron Fedor)
Justin Thompson-Gee (Sean Wixted)
Sean Watland (Naoki Shimoyama)
R. Andrew White (Joseph Cunningham) (Faculty)
Zane Winter (Matt Maske)

Fall 2010 (4 members)
Scott Campbell (Aaron Fedor)
David Cyze (Ryan Behrends) (Depledged)
Evyn Hale (Sean Wixted)
Erik Nelson (Adam Cross)
Chris Patterson (Joshua Buzbee)

Spring 2011 (11 members)
Ben Averill (Brian Havlisch )
Austin Bain (Erik Nelson )
Adam Brainard (Jacob Igney )
David Cyze (Ryan Behrends)
PJ Gerlach (Chris Patterson)
Cody Johnson (Vince Killion)
Greg Maher (Evyn Hale)
Michael Mead (Justin Thompson-Gee)
Michael Schrag (Benjamin Jacobson)
Michael Siano (Vince Leidig)
Chris Wood (Sean Watland)

Pledge Class Unknown
Circa 1970s
Michael Rivers (Unknown) (Pledged circa 1978-1981; graduated 1982)
William Welch (Unknown) (Transferred from Nu Upsilon, 1974; Definitely did not have a big brother at VU)

Circa 1980s
Darin Allen (Paul Broadhead) (Pledged circa 1985-1987)
Jason Greve (Thomas Thress) (Pledged circa 1987-1989)
T. Miller (John Foos) (Pledged circa 1985-1987?)
Ken Otten (Brian Smith) (Pledged circa 1985-1987)

Circa 1990s
Matthew Campbell (Steve Martell) (Pledged circa 1995-1997)
Mike Doman (Trevor Bruss) (Pledged circa 1991-1994, possibly Fall 1992 or Spring 1993) (Depledged)
David Gaddini (Matthew Fifolt) (Pledged circa 1991-1992)
Andy Holmes (Josh Langhoff) (Pledged circa 1996-1997)
Chad Lindsey (Phil Roeglin) (Depledged; pledged circa 1992-1993, possibly Fall 1992) (Depledged)

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